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Dieting- carbs

Does anyone know what the most amount of carbohydrates one can have and still maintain the effects of a low carb diet. I’ve read that it’s not imperative that one maintain ketosis to see the benefits of a low carb diet. Adding them up, i’ve had about 95 grams of carbs today. I wasn’t able to prepare a low carb meal and was forced to eat a bagel as i was beginning to get nauseous from not eating. Will this ruin a previously successful day of dieting low carb. My other meals were 35 grams of protein w/3 tbsp of flax oil and a 2 egg omelet made w/2 tbsp of heavy cream and 3 pieces of american cheese. Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard you have to keep it under 20g/day, but I seemed to do alright for a little while following the T-dawg recommendations (30g on nonworkout days, 70 on workout with PC shake after training). Check it out in the previous issues. And next time don’t eat that bagel.

It depends on a lot of various factors such as metabolism, caloric intake, etc. but this formula works for a lot of people. Take total carbohydrate grams - total carbs from dietary fiber. This number should be approximately 1/3 of bodyweight in lbs. So for example a 200 lb guy eating lots of fibrous carbs for a total of 110 grams would deduct hypothetically 40 grams of fiber for a total useable carb intake of 70 grams or about a 1:3 ratio.