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dieting blues

just a quick question for those who have been there, When you start to go on a cutting phase do you feel very small and doubt yourself about cutting down? I am around 245-250 at just about 18% at 6’2" but i feel that if i cut down to around 9-10% i will just get very skinny and be small again. any feedback?

i know the feeling, but for me its anything but that. at first, i was worried about losing muscle etc, but in fact, if anything i have gained muscle. i am at a plateau for fatloss right now, and although im much more cut then i was when i first started (those first few pounds came off pretty easily, but damn those last few are a bitch), but i have kept getting stronger and bigger. maybe its because i am a natural endomorph, but thats just me.

Yup, I got some feedback for ya. I was very closely in the same boat as you. At 6’2” also, I was 254 at about 24%… 4 months later, 216 at about 9-10% (but now I just got back from my honeymoon and gained about 4 pounds)… I had a great concearn about smallness too before I started and even addressed it on this forum. I’m not going to shit you by saying you’ll shrink up, so to speak, but it isn’t bad like you might think. My clothes don’t fit like they used to. They’re a bit looser everywhere. My best advice to you is to keep an accurate way of measuring your BF. I would do the 7 site method myself 1-2 times a week to know where my LBM is. Your LBM is about 205-ish. Just try to concentrate on holding onto that number. I did somewhat of a t-dawg diet, and did a little more cardio than most people. Supplement-wise I did 5ml of mag-10, MD6 and T2. without clothes on, I look a hell of a lot better now, I actually look better because of better muscular separation and a few cuts. Trust me man, it was all worth it !!!.. as for me, I’m going to do a little damage repair this week, which I’m sure my honeymoon weight will fall of rather quickly. Then my BF should be back to where it was, and I’m going to bulk like a mad-man (with clean foods of course) with mag-10 for 3 weeks before cycling back to dieting.

sound of violins playing. booohoooohoooo.

Many people who begin competing in bodybuilding go through this “psyche out”: “I’m gonna look SO small and unimpressive…” - and find out soon enough during pre-contest prep that that’s just not true. It’s a “illusion” effect caused by being really lean: the more lean and cut you are, the bigger you look on stage. It’s true.

But, in everyday situation, how can this help you? Same principles can apply. You just won't be on a stage. One more thing: if getting down to 9-10% is a rather scary thought, maybe you should just see how you are at 11-12% first.

thanks for the replies everyone, very very helpful

p.s. goldberg i thought u were a cheerleader, so why are u being so negative :wink:

Bodyfat measurements are the key for you at this point. You must know where the weight you are losing is coming from (muscle or fat loss).