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Dieting Asian Style

well ive posted once before and it helped alot
i gained 30 pounds in 3 months so if you can do the math it would be 10 pounds each month which to me is a whole lot since i never seen such a drastic change in my weight, but to the main topic
i was wondering if anybody had a basic diet plan to help get Ripped

probably just reading this and saying oh great another person who just wants to get ripped
well that is true but i also want to do it because it will boost my confidence and such
well blah blah.

basicly i was wondering if anybody could help me get a 1600ish calorie intake diet
i am trying to make my muscle show of course ^^
i currently weigh around 150

the confusing part is because i am still in only high school and live with my mother, i eat anything she makes me
but usally she make random things for dinner
usually dealing with rice and other such korean foods

i usually have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning
then for lunch i have a sandwhich usually
then when i reach home i make myself a p&b and jelly sandwhich
and then dinner?
will somebody please show me the way to getting ripped
cause ive been reading 80% diet and 20% working out and cardio

thank you for your time

you want to loose weight? You weigh 150. How tall are you? Please post pics because unless you’re built like 1morerep or laroyal, I don’t think you have much to loose.

well currently i am 5"11 or 6"0

i still look terribly skinny buts its just my gentics i guess
i will try to post pictures as soon as i can.

and btw i LOOK NOTHING like those guys
Those guys are wow… huge

Hey man, you need to keep eating. Good job gaining 30 lbs in 3 months, really. Now keep that up for another 50 lbs, and you’ll be a lot stronger, bigger (obviously) and you won’t look disturbingly skinny.

And quit blaming your genetics. You aren’t small because of them. You’re small because you need to eat more.

Happy eating.

So you used to be 120lbs at 5’11"? Are you fucking serious? Are you a Kenyan distance runner?

[quote]xsold1erx07 wrote:
well currently i am 5"11 or 6"0

i still look terribly skinny buts its just my gentics i guess
i will try to post pictures as soon as i can.

of course you look terribly skinny, you’re 6 ft and 150 lbs.

focus on gaining another 50-70 lbs then worry about cutting. seriously!

Eat, oh for the love of food, eat.

Please, do not diet. You are far too small, if you did manage to get “ripped” you would blow away in the wind and look quite pathetic. You need to eat and lift for at least another year before you ever consider the idea of dieting.

Plain and simple, if you want to look good when you get lean, you have to develop some form of solid base first. This requires spending some time in the gym, under the iron.

And please do not blame it on genetics, its not. It is just your diet, training, and lack of experience. Time + Steak + Iron will work, I would bet money on it.

Ya it sounds more like a growth spurt than anything.

You need to focus on eating right now. It is probably hard for your body to maintain muscle mass.

Eat and lift and put on some mass.