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Dieting -- Appetite Suppression


I had a bulk that turned out to be rather bulkier than I desired. Something about homebrew beer getting involved.

Anyway, I am on the wagon, and shall also shortly do a take-no-prisoners diet, probably the Velocity Diet, which worked very nicely in the past.

And I drop a lot of weight, but inevitably fall off the wagon right before I get where I want to be because I AM FUCKING STARVING the whole time and eventually can't take it.

The wife (who is a hardass, younger-than-me, and demands visible abs in her man) suggested Phentermine, as being a mesomorph, I easily flunk the stupid BMI index and she can prescribe it without getting into any trouble.

Any from-the-trenches thoughts about this?

In particular, I worry that it make me spacey. (I make a living being smart.)



Get some Metformin HCL


Why? It doesn't cause weight loss. I'm not diabetic. I'm not insulin resistant.

I just eat too much.


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Thanks for the tip about green tea. Water, I know.

Yes, I have tried HOT-ROX. Or at least I tried the old formulation. It was OK.

I figured why not go nuclear with my attempt.

I believe phentermine to be similar to HOT-ROX, but marketly stronger, being in the amphetamine family (but blunted in its stimulant nature to make it safer).


Pretty sure Shelby recommends chocamine (not really nuclear) I have also heard about people using nicotine in the form of nicorette or nicotine patches (Closer to nuclear). :slight_smile: Good luck!


I was going to say the EXACT same thing as BBB.


rice cakes fill you up lol


Here are a few options. They have their own side effects that I'd rather you familiarize yourself with than just allow me to list them for you. Depending how nuclear you wish to go, combining different medications' modes of action will produce better results. But again; side effects...


Less severe
Green tea, as listed by BBB
l-phenylalanine (on an empty stomach)
Fiber combinations, such as: guar gum / psyllium husk / apple pectin

Remember, although it is possible to annihilate your appetite, 500 calories below maintenance for 3-6 months will produce markedly better results than 500-1000 calories a day for 3-6 months.


Cool. Thank you very much.

I just want to make the Velocity Diet bearable and not ass-drag as bad as I did last time.

I do have the advantage of sleeping with my doctor at my side.


Go on metformin @1500 mg a day dosed 500mg 3 times a day with your carb meals and tell me your appetite isn't suppressed. You will have a far smaller appetite than usual on this drug plus your insulin sensitivity will be increased leading to fat loss. I'm telling you a lot of people will be using this drug in the coming years not just or diabetes.

You could just use GH too if youre looking for something to get you lean.


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People I know are also experiencing appetite reduction while using metformin. But not the type of appetite blunting that makes eating uncomfortable. So it's still basically a matter of willpower, I guess.


I might be. I just don't know enough about GH (including how to reliably get it) for it to work. Plus, I understand GH only helps cut fat if you are in a calorie deficit. (Correct me if I am wrong, PLEASE!)

Staying in a calorie deficit is my problem. I FUCKING CANNOT STAND TO BE HUNGRY.

My wife swears Phen cuts appetite severely, such that fat fucks who aren't trying to diet lose 10-12 pounds a month. Couple that with someone is very muscular, will actively exercise, it should work great --- according to her.

And I don't get fat quickly. I actually have a good diet. But it SLOWLY creeps up on me every couple of years with work, stress, travel, etc. I can make it stop -- but LOSING it is the bitch.


Eat foods you cant stand. This kills my appetite to the point I dont want to eat. I wouldnt bother with phen its not good for you like most amphetamines.


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Jewbacca: This little tip BBB shared with me effected an almost immediate improvement in my body composition (not dramatic, but noticeable) without me making ANY other adjustments to my training or diet, and is VERY simple.

Basically I try and keep the majority of my carbs to pre workout to jack up insulin sensitivity. I'll have a protein shake (with fiber and no carbs, but maybe some healthy fat) about an hour before training (and will usually, depending on the time of day) have eaten an hour or so before that then when I can feel myself 'carb depleted' I'll eat 2 chocolate bars about ten minutes before training.

I don't actually understand how this works but I lost fat and gained about 12LB/5kg (I can't remember exactly) and lost fat. I also kept the extra weight whereas before my body-weight was 'yo-yo-ing from just over 15 stone up to 16 stone then back down again.

I know it sounds ridiculous eating chocolate for BBing purposes and to be honest if BBB hadn't told me to do this I would probably have disregarded the advice, but I am certainly glad I didn't and I still use this 'trick' religiously. Did it earlier today in fact :wink:


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BBB i was wondering if i could email you but was unsure of how to do that at the website so that you get it. If not i understand.