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Dieting and muscle lose

While dieting to lose fat, if my weights and reps do not drop, can I assume I am not losing too much muscle mass? I am 5’9" and weigh 194 pounds. I am currently trying to lose fat and have dropped from about 216 pounds in the last few months. I measure my % bodyfat on a Tanita scale but results fluctuate too much for me. For example, last week I had 7 days in a row measuring 19 or 20% bodyfat. Then this week I have had 3 days in a row measuring 21 or 22%. I have lost about 1 pound through the period. I know results fluctuate based upon hydration, etc. But is discouraging to see results that look like I have gone up in bodyfat % as much as was measured even though I know it cannot be the case. So my question is: If my weights and reps are not going down, can I assume I am not losing too much lean body mass?