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Dieting and digestion

Currently, I am cutting up on 1800 cals with about 35% carbs/45% protein/20% fat. I am 160 lbs, 13% bodyfat, 67 inches, normal metabolism. I feel gassy and bloated all the time. I either have the runs or am constipated. Rarely do I ever feel hungry. I kind of have to force myself to eat. I am not taking an ECA stack.

I eat clean, mostly oats, brown rice, lentils, apples, lean proteins, nuts, nat pb, plently of veggies and flax oil. I am also getting plenty of sleep. My Meltdown 1 workouts are going great (although I am SORE!)

I especially feel bloated after my post-workout shake. Instead of feeling good and ripped, I feel like a water buffalo after eating an acre of swamp grass. What’s up? Any ideas? I do have GERD, but my nexium kind of keeps that under control. I take gaviscon before my workout.

Get a good digestive enzyme to help you get more from the calories you actually consume. Otherwise I’d say you are not eating enough to cut. Yeah thats right, enough. You need to keep your metabolism up for fat to be burned. Trying varying your caloric intake instead, like the cheaters diet.

Did you just recently start taking the Flax oil? If you did, that could very well be the cause. Start with a small dose,and gradually increase it week by week.

With that low of a caloric intake, and those kinds of symptoms, I think the smartest thing to do is to get into a doctor. Preferrably a gastroenterologist rather than a GP. It may be nothing serious, but if it is, you want to nip it in the bud.

Been to the gastro doc. Didn’t help. I am going to see a Naturopath next. I really can’t get my cals too much over 1800 without eating junk. Maybe I have a slow metabolism.

Are you getting enough fiber? That alone might lead to the GI problems, but I agree with the others - See a Doc.

Have you been tested for food allergies? I would do so if not. And even if that doesn’t turn up anything, simply keeping your p/f meals and your carb or c/p meals seperate could really help. Since I started seperating mine, I really don’t ever get that bloated-feeling anymore.

Yeah I agree after reading your post again. Go see a doc. You may have more wrong with you than just GERD. Sounds like you might have some sort of problem creating the nessassary enzymes to break down your food, this may in turn have lead to your GERD. A good digestive enzyme like I suggested is probably not going to be enough since the severity of your condition sounds worse to me than it did before. Also, you need to get to the point were you feel pumped and not very sore for very long. That is a direct symptom of not eating enough/not really properly digesting what you are eating. If you can’t get more than 1800 calories without eating junk you have yet another piece of the “entire” problem. Lastly nexium is going to effect your ability to digest proteins especially, this could be the cause of your post work out shake bloat. It would also make it absorb very slowly therby reduceing its effectivness. I know this sounds nuts but taking a coral calcium supplement and a good digestive enzyme (maybe perscription grade) while dropping the Nexium might do it for you. The most amazing part is if it does work you will probably know within 48 hours since it will work that fast.