Dieting After Fasting

hye guys,after fasting for a whole month whats the proper diet to work with.
before fasting i was on a low carb high prot diet,anyways any advices on whats the proper way to go though again thx.

Fasting as in ramadan or fasting as in you practically didn’t eat or fasting from a specific food.

I’m in the same boat. I’m going back to my high protein/low carb diet. My goal is fat loss so I’m going to pick up with my HIIT routine to kick start my metabolism.

Proteins and carbs in the morning and fats (good ones!) and protein in the evening. Thats my plan.
Also make sure you take a good multivitamin to complement your diet, the fast tends to knock the hell out of your nutritional supplementaion.

yes dan fasting as in ramadan,we’ve been fasting for like a any advice is well appreciated thx

Not a dietary expert by any means but I think there’s a metabolism repair plan hanging around you might want to look in to. I doubt 2 massive binges and 12 hour fasts for a whole month is great for ones metabolism.

Salaam fellow Muslims!

I will be going back to the Anabolic Diet lifestyle (high fat, high protein, low carbs). I tried to follow this during Ramadan, and had some success, but obviously, calories were much lower during Ramadan.

I think this will work for me, as well as for you.

I guess a key point could be to work back up to bigger calories, not just diving straight in to what you were pre-ramadan, as the metabolism not exactly running at full speed right now. Again, thats just supposition but it seems logical.

tmoney u said a high fat prot low carb diet,why target the fat not the carbs meaning why not go on a high prot,carb low fat diet?

As others have mentioned, you need to repair you metabolism, which means frequent (and plentiful) eating and frequent (and intense) exercise. A low carb diet would be a mistake: 1)the slow down the metabolism and 2) they make the intensity and frequency of work outs you need difficult or impossible. Look to eat a minimum of 6 times a day. Starchy carbs in the morning and after your workouts.

I reccomend three intense full body workouts each week (try nine total sets, three for legs, three for chest, three for back, all compound movements, all as heavy as you can handle without killing yourself reps 8-10). And as many long walks throughout of the week as you can (park at the back of the parking lot, if you do public transportation, get off a stop or two before you destination, take the stairs, etc.) Good luck