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Dieting Advice!


Hello everyone I'm currently a 19 year old college student. I've been weight training since I was about 16 years old. I'm currently 6 feet tall and weigh around 205 pounds.

I was wondering what kind of diet I can do in order to lower my BF. Right now I'd say I'm currently 14-17% BF. I'm looking to get down to atleast 10% if not lower. I've always lifted and have been strong but I've never really tried a serious diet.

I just started a diet by lowering my carbs by a substantial amount and increasing my protein up to around 300-450g per day. Also I'm eating the 6-7 meals a day. Right now I am eating carbs in the morning when I wake up to help me start the day. I also eat around 7-8 egg whites with that for protein. During the course of the day I eat protein scattered throughout each meal. I take some carbs in before and after my workouts along with protein shakes after workouts. I started doing this about 2 and a half weeks ago and i was around 220 pounds and after this long im down to 205.

Any suggestions and tips to help me burn fat more efficiently (healthier?) would be appreciated.



Just make sure that your not eating too few calories throughout the day. Make sure that your still getting in some healthy fats.


Don’t ignore the egg yolks. They aren’t bad for you and could help by adding in a little extra fat into your diet, which you should do since you are dropping carbs. You may also want to look at fish oil as a supplement. Like Beast23 said, healthy fats are important.

Other than that, just keep at it. Don’t let any slowing down of weight loss get you down. Keep thinking positive and make sure you work hard. You will get to where you want, but, it won’t happen over night.


Agreed on the egg yolks. Throw a couple of whole eggs (Omega-3 eggs wouldn’t hurt either) in with the whites. Do you know what your intake of carbs and fats are presently?


Well right now I’m really only eating carbs a few times a day… In the morning for fuel throughout the day I usually eat grits or oatmeal with my eggs… I take fish oils during the day about 4 of them… Most of my protein is just chicken and eggs in the morning… I eat some peanuts during the day to for snacks… Also I drink 1-2 Protein shakes a day depending on how I’m feeling always after a workout though…

Carbs for breakfast.
Some carbs from the peanuts during the course of the day (very little)
Carbs after a workout sometimes a little before the workout.

As of now I’m really not experiencing any strength decreases if so, just minor ones…

One thing I do notice is my stomach is starting to hurt a little bit I don’t know if its because of the carbs being off or if its digestion… I’m gonna start taking fiber pills today to help with that and also incorporate some more fruit and some vegetables on cardio days… I’m taking multivitamins during the day though to help me get my daily value because my diet doesnt really give them all to me so I’m not sure.



I don’t know my exact intakes atm… I need to write that down though… I can give you a run down on what I pretty much eat every day.

In the morning I eat grits usually for some carbs to get me through the morning with my eggs… Most days I’ll eat a banana also… Pretty much every meal after that includes chicken breast… I drink some protein shakes also. Always a protein shake after my workout. I try to get some carbs in before the workout and after but not too many. Also I at peanuts throughout the day at points for a snack…
My stomach just recently started to hurt though so I’m not sure. I take vitamins throughout the day along with Fish Oils for some fats. The vitamins because it helps me get my values of everything because I doubt I’m getting the necessary things through chicken, eggs, grits, and peanuts. I bring up chicken to m college every week that I cook at home because cafe food is so bad for you… Even the grilled chicken is pretty much pure salt. I think I need to incorporate some more fruits and vegetables to aid with digestion and help my stomach maybe?

Or my stomach could just be feeling different because this is the first real diet I’ve ever done.



Any exercise?

Stomach hurts? As in feeling hungry or constipated or something else?


Ya Ya I workout 5-6 days a week. Cardio twice a week. My stomach is better now I am taking some fiber pills and it seems to be helping it out .


Where you going to school?


Penn State Branch Campus up in Erie Pennsylvania


any good diets