Dieting 8 Weeks. How to Keep Seeing Results?

Glad to help.

Look, if your calories and macros are where they should be I don’t see why you’d need to add cardio just because you had some fast food.


Top man Markko , have a nice weekend bud :muscle:t3:

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You too mate

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Hi MarkKo

Forgot to ask , ive used many different tdee and they all hella different with calories lol. Whats the best tdee and neat calculator , and also the best online weight conversion site as for example last sat i was 11.10 2/4 st , today im 11.8 3/4 which means ive lost around 1.5 lb this week yet when im converting it into pounds online, the weight is more in pounds then last week LOL

That’s probably good enough since you know what you ate last week. Just adjust calories up or down from there, rather than try to estimate again from a calculator. Those are best used as starting points, which you have now.

I’ve never used a TDEE or NEAT calculator. Ever. I think they are pretty useless.

I do most of my conversions on my phone. The calculator has it built in.

Problem is as my cals are around 1400 to 1200 on most days and 1 x 1000 cal cheat meal a week there isnt much room for removing more calories

How do you do the conversions bud ? Which formula do you use?

Mine is automatic. Before that I did 2.2 pounds to the kilo. Worked well enough.

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I hear you. I’d just start adding calories though. I don’t think a new estimate is really that meaningful because you’ve already been tracking, if that makes sense.

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I’m new to this thread, but woah, you must really be trying to get shredded! I’m a 90lb girl and I’ve been told to increase my calories to at least 1600


Which formula is this bud jus for future ref?

Your right bro, but as its the first time im doing all this, its all nerve wrecking lol

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Are you cutting or bulking? You can say that , ive gone from 13.3st to 11.9st in 8 weeks :joy:

Technically “bulking”, but I’ve put on 1kg in 2 months, so I’m not exactly dirty bulking

that’s just impressive

Converting kilos to pounds. For stone to pounds just Google it and something should come up

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Hi Bud

Quick update, added extra serving of 20g dry oats or 50g white rice per day since monday ,

I been doing everything the same except tuesday am cardio i missed,

My weight was:
Monday morning - 11.10 1/4 stone
Tuesday morning - 11.9 1/4 stone
Wednesday morning - 11.8 3/4 stone
Today morning - 11.9 1/4 stone

Theres no way ive added 0.5lb fat since yday while keeping to my diet so my only theory is that the extra carbs being fed to my muscles and maybe making them grow slowly which is adding weight?

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Water and glycogen, my friend.

I forget the exact numbers, but every gram of carb can also store so much water.

Your body can hold somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400g of glycogen between the liver and muscles.

You were likely somewhat depleted, and you’re starting to fill out. This is why the daily fluctuations in weight can mess with our heads (and I get it!), but you’re better off looking at weekly averages and giving things a week or two to settle in before you make your next adjustment.

How do you feel?


can anyone write a training plan?

Yes, anyone at all! That’s the crazy thing about it.