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Dietign Supplements

I am planning on going on a long cutting cycle. Here is the supplemet scheme I am planning.
6 weeks of
New MD6 6caps a day.
Old T2 3 caps a day.
T2-Pro 3 caps a day.
Vitex 1 cap a day.
Androsol 35 sprays am only.
2 weeks of:
Mag-10 1 dose a day


Any problems or suggestions?

The 1st 6 weeks seems like kind’ve a shotgun approach to me. You might get better results by splitting up the use of the supplements a bit…such as 3 weeks of t-2 pro followed by 3 weeks of t-2 with androsol while keeping the md6 usage constant.Is the 2 weeks of mag 10 going to be used for bulking or cutting?