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Dietary Supplements Worth $1.3 Million Condemned

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At the request of the FDA, U.S. Marshals seized more than 23,300 bottles of three dietary supplement products distributed by LG Sciences LLC, of Brighton, Mich. The seized products were marketed for use by body builders and distributed on the Internet and in retail stores under the names â??Methyl 1-D,â?? â??Methyl 1-D XL,â?? and â??Formadrol Extreme XL.â??



Why are they siezing that trash?


They destroyed it because it CONTAINED 6-oxo.

They fucking sell DMT, various Progestins, Methylated Masterone, Tbol derivatives, and Dbol derivatives to kids and the destroy it for fucking 6oxo that MIGHT contain a nearly UNDETECTABLE trace amounts of a banned andro derivative.

Its awesome and hilarious. They target the “fake” steroids, and leave the real ones.

Oh man this is great.