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Dietary Supplements for Strongman Training


What are the pills people typically take when in strongman training. Like Fish oil, iron, zinc, magnesium, B12, etc etc what else should one be looking for?


There doesn't have to be a specialized supplement strategy precisely for Strongman.

Fish oil, zinc and magnesium are useful in general.

Training-wise, I prefer carb shakes with some sea salt sprinkled in. When we crank up the intensity, that's all my stomach can handle, really.

When we don't do medley's or "high" reps, I can also handle protein-carb shakes, bananas, cucumbers or chocolate bars.

Bottom line is, you need some fuel for long training sessions. The rest is up to you and your physique goals.


no specific supps just for strongman, you want anything that promotes strength and stamina.

on contest day I found that having a BIG breakfast is good to fuel the body and give strength to the muscles for the contest events ahead.


Supps for strongman?
Whey... Test....Creatine...Growth....BCAAs.....Tren.....Fish Oil.....Dbol

Half of those are strongman supplements are half are not, you decide

PS- I'm just messing around


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