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Dietary Strategies for Better Health

Nuts, vinegar, olive oil, booze, vegetables, protein and cinnamon

I stumbled across this paper today. It’s from 2008, so not exactly new. The authors’ perspective is more of a suggestion of how to eat for better health (and prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease), and doesn’t mention weight training. I thought it was interesting in that it describes the way I try to eat for increasing lean body mass (except for the cinnamon – never heard that one before.)

“Dietary strategies for improving post-prandial glucose, lipids, inflammation, and cardiovascular health.”

Translation: post-prandial == post-meal

One criticism, there is a graph that shows how nuts decrease the blood glucose response to eating a piece of bread – which is fine. However, I still think that nuts give you a lot of calories that could be spent elsewhere, such as lean proteins. But then again, I can only eat so much chicken.