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Dietary Needs after ART therapy

Greetings, T-people,
I need some advice on what type of diet to follow post recovery. My doctor (ART) seemed to indicate that it would be about 10 days to 2 weeks until my treatment was completed. As i had mentioned earlier, i am quite small, and intend on bulking post-ART. I have never had my bf % checked via calipers, but from pics posted online, have been advised that i am about 12%, 5’10", 151 lbs. At any rate, i am in need of a good diet that will compliment my goals (gain lean muscle mass with little fat gain where possible). I am familiar with massive eating, and practice p/c and p/f meal combining. Here is my current diet, which has me at maintainance cals:

7:00 - 10 egg whites, 2 pieces flax bread, no sugar jam, non-fat butter, 5 mushrooms (sliced) (350 cals)

10:00 - PWO shake (300 cals)

12:00 - 10 egg whites, 1/2 apple, pure oat bran (350 cals)

3:00 - 6 oz salmon, .5 oz almonds, salad (300 cals)

6:00 - 1.5 cups cottage cheese, 1 tbsp natty pb, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup brocolli
(300 cals)
9:00 - either sugar free jello, or sugar free pudding
(90 cals)
11:00 - bed

My current split is as follows, although this will change upon completion of therapy:

M - chest/shoulders/triceps
T - abs
W - back/biceps/lats/delts
Th - cardio/abs
F - legs/calves
Sa - abs
Su - Cardio

What suggestions could you offer as far as dietary adjustments, and what type of eating to follow on my bulking cycle?

Oh, and supplements which I am currently taking are:
Creatine (5 g post workout)

Ransomed, I promise I’ll answer your question tomorrow. I’m cross-eyed right now, and I want to give your question my best.


I’m guessing you’ve read the massive eating and growth surge project articles? This is one thing I have a question about as well-why make your bulking diet so stringent? Well I can see that you don’t want to eat nothing but Mickey D’s, my time spent bulking is prime time to eat the stuff I want to, maintaining proper levels of macronutrients and just enjoying eating. I’ve never really had to lose more than 10 lbs to get down toa good body comp where I could see my abs though, so I don’t know if others have different considerations when approaching diet.

Hey, there, again, Ransomed!

My first recommendation is that you start recording the macronutrient numbers for each meal; i.e., the number of grams of P, F & C, along with caloric totals and daily totals, too.

In any given meal, if you’re following JB’s P+F and P+C food combining rules, you should limit fat in a P+C meal to <5g, and you should limit carbs in a P+F meal to <10g.

Second recommendation is that you start eating to hit numbers. For protein you’d be pretty safe with your LBM x 1.5g or 200g of protein per day, divided by 6 or 7 meals.

I’d really like to see you eating a meal at 9:00 pm and maybe another middle-of-the-night shake. The trick, there, is to have a big glass of water right before you go to bed. When you wake up in the middle of the night to hit the restroom, chug down the pre-made shake you have sitting, waiting for you in the fridge.

Finally, when you start bulking, increase calories by 250 calories per day. If any week goes by that you don’t gain scale weight, increase calories again by another 250 calories per day.

Those are my quick thoughts. Let me know how it goes!