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Dietary Needs? 6'5'', 300


I am currently 6'5" 300 lbs and 28% Body fat. I am an ex-college athlete and wanting to start getting back intp shape.

I have currently loss 30 lbs and I lift and run everyday.

I am currently taking in 2200-2500 calories and about 120 g of Carbs and 250 grams of protein through 6-7 meals.

Is this about right? I feel very hungry, especially at night and low energy (coffee helps somewhat).


You are eating too little. You will hit a wall and then loss in body fat will stop.

I could see eating like that if you were untrained and carrying more body fat, but if those stats are real, you have quite a bit of muscle that you are NOT feeding....so it will NOT stick around.

You will start losing more muscle than fat.

I would add at least 500 cals or more and approach this differently. Follow the bodybuilders.


300 pounds at 28% body fat is 216 lean body mass if my math is correct.

I would shoot for:
216 * 1 = 216 grams of carbs
216 * 1.5 = 324 grams of Protein
216 * .5 = 108 grams of fat

^This^ totals 3,132 calories

I would use this as your base but if you want to play around with these numbers start with the carbs and cycle them. An example of a cycle might be; Day1: 216 carbs/ Day2: 108 carbs/ Day3: 50 carbs/ repeat.


Thanks a lot! I knew I was not doing the right amount!

I appreciate the help!


Bro...you need way more food than that.