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Dietary Fat Intake: How Much, Sources?


First things first, I want to establish that I KNOW that dietary fat doesn’t make you fat.

In the interest of building a good physique, I would like to dial in my macro ratios. Protein I’ve figured out, that is simple. But in regards to carbs and fats, that’s a little harder to figure out, ESPECIALLY fats, because there’s a lot of different info.

People say that fat is important for hormones, which is true, but also, fat is more easily stored as bodyfat (due to de novo lipogenesis being an inefficient process). Dr. Mike Isratel talked about it.

Furthermore, this T- nation article talks about linoleic acid, “The Fat that Makes You Fat”. Obviously, I would want to avoid this!

So, the main question boils down to, how much fat should I be eating, and where should they be coming from? (my current sources are eggs and nuts)


I should provide some context about myself too. I am a younger kid, on the skinny side of things, so I’m trying to "bulk’. But, with that being said, I would like to limit the amount of fat I gain, something I feel can be accomplished through a good diet. Here’s what I am currently eating.

2000 calories
185g Protein
90g Fat
90g Carbs

My sources of food are; Eggs, Nuts, Chicken, Yams, Vegetables, Salmon, Tilapia. No junk food.

Carbs may seem low, but I time them after exercise. Read on here that’s the protocol you should use to limit body fat gain. After all, carbs aren’t essential. I am taking more of a Charles Poloquin apprroach to my nutrition

Anyways, is this too much fat when “clean bulking” is the goal?


How old are you? How much do you weigh? What’s your activity level?


I don’t know anyone who has gained mass eating 2000 calories. Excess calories will be stored as fat, whether they come from fat or carbs. Also, if you’re afraid to eat because you’re afraid to gain fat, your bulk will likely fail.

Start by increasing your carbs.


I’m almost 17, I weigh 125lbs, I lift 4 times a week


Baum, where’s your log?!


Male or female? height?


In a notebook…


Still waiting for it to make its way here :innocent:


How much fat should I eat on “lean bulk” or to maintain. I´m 6,2 with 158 pounds, really skinny and I want to put on muscle and size, but not extreme. I slowly want to get stronger and put on muscle.

What ist the minimum amount of fat in grams I should eat?
What ist the maximum, when is it too much?

Regardless of food preferance

Thanks for all your help


This is from RP Diet

CCH is like as much as you want as long as you are within your total calories. Minimum is like 0.3g per lb bw according to this. Fat intake would be too much if it means you can’t hit your recommendation for carbs and protein

You guys probably need to eat more of something (if you are hitting the recommended levels already maybe more carbs) so that you’re gaining weight slowly and consistently on the scales.


male, 5’8


Hello guineapig,

thank you very much for taking your time and responding to my question!
Thats awesome and very helpful.

Can I ask please what is the “RP Diet”?

So when I calculate my macros with my 158 pounds, I go for around 160g protein and “only” 47-50g of fats per day?

How many grams of fat do you eat per day and the other guys here?

Every tipp, comment and help is much appreciated!


It’s a book called the Renaissance Diet 2.0 that’s come out recently.

Comes from a group of people including dieticians and exercise physiologists/scientists who’ve walked the walk in bodybuilding and powerlifting and coach numerous high level athletes like Dr Mike Israetel.

Those look like decent minimum macros. Now you just need to fill in the rest of your calories until the scales show you are gaining weight consistently. This can be done with more fats or protein but I’d recommend getting in plenty of carbohydrate because as per the below video they fuel you to train hard which will give you more gains

Personally I don’t count right now except for protein. Because I eat meat a lot I get enough fat from that easily and I eat plenty of carbs so pretty much I just eat whatever and see how my weight responds on the scales.


Imao Im eating 115g of fat and 400g of carbs on a good day and usually 150g protein. I am 16 5ft 8 and 178lbs, and I didnt become fat. I think it depends on your metabolism.


Your very very underweight for a lifter if your 5ft 8 and only 125lbs. Im nearly your age while 50 pounds heavier. Your not eating enough carbs.


I know I’ll sound like a broken record, but I find it absolutely insane that teenagers are counting grams of anything (especially when you’re trying to gain weight). Build some good eating and lifting habits and go enjoy your life.


Yeah as above you’re really underweight. -There are girls on this site who are lean and in shape who weigh more than you.
Up your calories to 3000 and once a week eat a massive cheat/junk meal until you hit say 150lbs(still very small by lifting standards). Add lean beef to your diet also.

Run through proven training plans off this site like linked below and read a bunch of this guys articles also…


Just like protein and carbohydrates, the body requires some amount of fat for overall good health. You must consume fats in moderation to maintain a healthy weight. Getting 30 % of your daily calories from unsaturated fats is important. Foods such as olive, avocado, nuts, and flaxseed are recommended. Unhealthy Trans fats such as cookies, margarine, chips should be avoided.