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Dietary Fat Gives Me Diarrhea


I eat 2 meals a day with fat in them. Breakfast, 5 whole eggs and tuna and then before bed a protein shake and 50grams of nuts. Both meals contain approx 30 grams of fat. I can guarantee within 30 mins of eating either of these meals I will have diarrhoea. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this happens? What can I do? I have not seeked medical advice. I hope someone can help! Thanks in advamce


perhaps it's a food allergy to eggs and the fiber of the nuts causing the hershey squirts for two different reasons. have you tried eating any other fats? how about a salad w/ some EVOO drizzled all over it? how about a steak?


You might want to try supplementing with lipase enzymes to see whether they help.


Impossible to tell, but some credible things have been said (lack of enzyme -lipase, or food intolerance -eggs and maybe nuts too (does not sound like an allergy).

It's entirely possible that if you chronically eat foods that cause you gastrointestinal distress (food intolerance) that your gut won't be healthy enough to produce a satisfactory amount of the enzymes necessary for digestion (of large amounts of food).

Do you have "greasy" stools? That would indicate lipase deficiency (although the deficiency is not the root cause. Something is likely causing you to be deficient in lipase.)
Do you ever see entire nut pieces in your stool? This would also indicate lack of certain enzymes.
Do any other foods trigger your diarrhea?
As a separate question, how many times per day do you get gas?


Food intolerance vs allergy. The question is: When do symptoms occur? If they are present within five minutes, it is an allergy. If they present after half an hour or later, it is food intolerance.


Is this just recent? Do you have a allergy to milk? Do you put milk in with your shakes?

You may be lactose intolerant from the given information.


Why would you say lactose intolerant and not histamine, fructose, or gluten. They are all 4 very common to be intolerant to.


I was basing it off of his protein shake(s) the OP had/has. He didn't give much information about their medical background, why I asked. But those could be various things that may be causing the diarrhea.


It sounds like you might need more fiber. If you are only eating whole eggs(fuck egg whites) and tuna then that is diarrhea city. So is a protein shake and nuts. Nuts contain fiber but sure as hell not enough to balance out fiberless foods. Almonds have more than most nuts but only 3-4 grams per ounce.

With the morning meal, I would eat some fiber-rich fruit such as apples, blueberries, strawberries(if you tolerate them), plums, kiwi, nectarines, peaches, research high-fiber fruits. This is also good because you want carbs in the morning. You could even replace the 5 eggs or the can of tuna because one or the other has plenty of quality protein for 1 meal.

At night, I'd stick with veggies because they are low in carbs while still being high in fiber. Good choices include broccoli, carrots, spinach, peppers, onions, most veggies low in carbs are good choices. If the protein shake is low quality, you could be screwed no matter what because your body hates it. Metabolic Drive is good and people say it digests extremely well.

I think fiber is the issue. Give it 1-3 days because you'll probably still have some diarrhea left in you for 24-48 hours.

Please let me know if this helps


Thankyou all very much for your input. I try to eat low carb as in only with my post-workout shake so I would agree that my fiber intake is low. As I eat low carb I have very little gas. I have had this problem for about a year now but it does seem to be getting worse. More recently have been on the toilet within 5 minutes of eating. When I have a loading day the diarrhoea doesnt happen so I can only put it down to the fat! I have never known myself to have an allergy. I have water in my protein shakes but milk causes me no issues that Im aware of. I appreciate all of your time!


any luck?


I'm also interested because I have the same exact problem. Whenever I do keto diets many times I get the runs within 10-15 minutes of a higher fat meal and not even that high in fat like 20 gms. Olive oil is the worse culprit. Lipase didn't work. Ironically I can gorge on much higher fat food without a problem as long as there's carbs in it( a whole pepperoni pizza and ice cream lol). Fiberous vegetables don't help either. Basically I try and limit my fat intake to only essential fatty acids if there's no carbs in the meal. I'm thinking of trying a soluble fiber.


Up the fiber a lot and see if that helps.

  1. Breakfast should include oatmeal.

  2. Add milled flax seed to your evening protein. Also, try a different protein powder if that doesn't work.