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Dietary Balance

I was just wondering what people’s macronutrient balances are in their current diets? I am talking about your percentage dedicated to proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Thanks for the info.
Also, what are people’s opinion’s on the ideal balance of macronutrients?

Hey Jim, good to gab with you… Right now i’m sitting at about 300g protein, 170-200g carbs, and 110-120g fats. This works out to 40 percent protein, 27 percent carbs, and 33 percent fats. The ideal macronutrient ratio is different for everyone depending on their goals and lifestyle. I believe the more active anyone is, the more carbohydrates they need no matter what their goals are. I believe everyone needs a certain amount of good fats and proteins for tissue repair. But this is what works for me right now as i am leaning out for the spring/summer photo shoots. Take care,

I’m a poor student, so I’m going for 1,8g protein pr kg bw
30% good fats
And the rest for cheap carbs.
It works out to be:
Good for bulking, disasterous for cutting…
Saving for a one month of massive eating and quatro dynamo…
Boom size and strength will be mine…