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Ok I am wanting to go on a bulking cycle. I am 5'11 198pnds 9% bf. Now I have been ready all the diff. diets and would like a recomendation on the (best) or most productive. I am thinking about the Eat Like a Man diet... Any suggestions



a good start would be massive eating with Joel's training cycles from last weeks mag, a bit of 4-adec + surge


Cudapwr, I'm with Whetu on this one. John Berardi is brilliant, and a lot of us here on T-Mag follow his P+F and P+C food combining principles with great results.

Read everything the man's written and give it a go.

Good luck to you, and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


ok thanks so far, ok what about the pound o week diet? Rember I am tring a bulk phase so the fat% is aloud to go up, has anyone tried this,


Forget those other bulking diets, Massive Eating is the way to go. Sure fat gain while bulking is inevitable but you can minimize it while getting huge using Berardi's advice.

Massive Eating > Eat Like a Man Diet
Massive Eating > Pound O' Week Diet

Those two diets were written (I think) before Massive Eating and IMHO, I think Berardi's bulking diet has rendered those two obsolete.


John Berardi is a nutritional expert. I recommend going back into the archives and reading all his old columns called Appetite for Construction.


Alot of us have tried alot of diets and the reason Berardi is hailed as a God around here has alot to do with the Massive Eating and Dont Diet programs.
Sure you can put on fat while bulking but it shouldn't be the aim. Massive Eating allows a huge calorie intake with minimal fat accumulation, and good energy levels.
The other alternative would be a low carb high fat diet if you are very carb sensitive (see the reader mail from this weeks issue) such as the anabolic diet or a heavily modified T-dawg (increased cals)
Let us know how you plan to do it either way, and ofcourse how things go


Thank you for all the input and I have been reading the massive eating, and have decided to follow your input, and I will try my best to keep you informed, also I will try to post some pics of progress