I was thinking that instead of having a long bulking phase, then a long cutting phase in my diet, couldn’t i do a sort of zig-zag diet? spend one or two weeks bulking and then spend one or two weeks cutting.

If anyone has tried this type of diet I’d love to hear comments. What would the preffered time frame be for each phase–switch phases every week, every two weeks, etc?

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i thought that by doing this i could stay fairly lean year-round, and my metabolism wouldn’t dramatically shift by following a certain diet for an extended period of time. I also wouldn’t feel deprived by dieting too long, and the opposite while bulking.

Why not lean up, and then gradually bulk? This way you will always be lean, but slowly gain muscle mass without adding on the fat. True, you may gain mass at a slower rate, but at least you’ll be lean year round. Can’t see how a zig zag diet would outperform this… unless there is some scientific reasoning behind the merits of a zig zag die?

The Delta 1250 Diet

do a search on ABCDE or Delta 1250, should bring up a bunch of threads.

You may have to adjust the numbers, I think people thought the recommended calories were a bit low.

Also, there was a review of the diet in the diet manifesto: