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i am currently on the growth surge cycle of bulking. i figured my caloric intake to be 5600. i eat 8 meals a day, every day, following the protein+carbs and protein+fat diet plan suggest. i am 220 lbs. 20% bodyfat. i eat 4 p+c meals first and then i eat the 4 other P+f meals after. i have to eat about 440g protein, 660 grams carbs, and 125g fat. my carb intake is about 165 on average for each p+c meal. i feel that i am eating way too many carbs in one sitting, but that is the only way that i could get 660g at 4 meals. i eat a p+f meal an hour before i workout, i sip on a P+c shake while i workout for 1.5-2.0 hours. after my workout i pound another p+c shake. then 2 hours after the i eat a meal, with a p+c shake, and 3 hours after that i do this again. now i got 1 p+f meals down, and 4 P+c meals down, i got 3 more p+f meals left. so, i need some input. am i going in the right direction, or is my diet plan totally wrong. has anyone experienced what i am experiencing? this bulking will only be for 2 weeks. then i will shed fat for two weeks and go back to bulking. what do you think of this approach? i am also using mag-10 during the bulking, and will be using the tribex 500 and M for the recovery, fat shedding phase.

I’m not sure of your goals, but if body composition is important to you, you might want to focus on getting your BF% down below 10% or so before embarking on a bulking phase.

Hey dange…I am kinda in the same boat as you but I aborted the growth surge plan in the first week, not because I couldn’t hack it but alot of people made sense that I should get my bf% to where I want it before I get it way out there. Let me know how the plan works for you. Our dietary needs are very close in the macro breakdown and it sounds to me like you are doing ok with it. I would set my alarm clock at night though to ingest either a nice helping of slow digesting cottage cheese or a protein shake (minus fat and carbs) to get me through till the morning.