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i am currently on the growth surge cycle of bulking. i calculated the calories that i need to eat everyday and they total to a whopping 5600. i am following the protein + carbs and protein + fat diet plan suggested. i have to eat a total of 8 meals a day. i eat a p + f meal one hour before i workout. then while i work out i sip on a p+c drink. after my two 1.5-2.0 hour workout i pound another p+c meal. and then two hours later i eat a p+c meal. three hours after that i eat another p+c meal. it feels like i am eating too much in one sitting. one of those meals have about 185 grams of carbs, and the other meal has about 200. my last 4 meals are p+f. those are fairly easy to eat. all together i am eating about 440g protein 660g carbs and 125g fat, mostly flax oil and what i get from whole eggs. i am 220lbs. and about 20% body fat. can anyone tell me if my diet plan is good, or am i eating way to many carbs in one sitting. and if i am eating way too many carbs in one sitting, then what should i do? should i not follow the p+c and p+f plan and just mix it all up?

dange76, the problem I see is your BF%. When you have a high(er) BF% and put on one pound, a higher percentage of that pound is going to be fat. On the other hand if you ave a low(er) BF% and put on one pound, a higher percentage of that pound is going to be LBM.

My recommendation is that you do the hypocaloric version of JB’s Massive Eating (called the Don’t Diet diet) or any other hypocaloric diet of your choice (T-Dawg 2 would also be an excellent choice), drop the BF and start bulking after you get under 10%.

No matter which diet you choose (and when you get ready to bulk), the P+F and P+C food combining concepts will stand you in good stead.

Good luck to you, dange76, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

thanks man, i stopped the bulking up yesterday. i am going to use the don’t diet diet for a few months. do you think that i should continue with the mag-10 or should i try something else to help me keep from losing muscle will dieting down

dange76…Tampa-Terry is a WOMAN…man…haha. Easy mistake…(wink). Take her advice…she is THE shit!