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I have a few questions about how to fine tune my diet.

  1. I’m trying to follow the massive eating guide lines and I’m confused as to When i should eat my p+f meals. Befor my workout or after? In a normal day I try to have 4pf and 4 pc meals

  2. When is the best time in the day to eat my cheat meal? I thought that early in the day would be better, but what do I know:)

  3. What is areo-test? It sounds like roids to me. I dont want to take/buy any just, a guy at my work asked me if I wanted to buy some from him.


The articles answer all these questions. For an overview, read the “Essential Berardi” articles at T-mag.

Berardi hates the idea of cheat meals, BTW, and you want to have one every day? Me thinks you need to read his articles a little closer.

And yes, Aratest is an illegal roid.