I have been on a Scott Connelly “Body MetRx” diet for 3 weeks. That is, 200g protein,low starchy carbs,very low sugar.I ate maybe 1900 calories a day (I’m 205).I worked out 2-3x/wk plus I do my bike,softball or golf 3x/week. The result:I lost 3.5lbs net weight and 2% bodyfat.Not bad.Now the wierd part.I just got back from 4 days in Las Vegas where I ate meat,grease,sugar and drank alcohol like a pig. I worked out once but walked about 1 mile a day.The result: I gained 2.5 lbs net weight BUT I lost 2.5% bodyfat. Did I unwittingly set myself up for this? What happened? Thanks guys.

You carbed up. Glycogen replenishes in the muscle tissue and liver and it’s heavy. Your body fat didn’t change really. You just gained lean mass by virtue of refilling your muscles. When you go back on the diet it will go away fast, and you will burn fat at an accelerated rate. I think it’s a metabolic response to surplus food and then having the surplus removed. It takes a while to shift back down. I noticed the exact same thing when I took a week or five days off too.