OK, now that I have motivated myself to work out, my next step is to find the right diet, but I need some help. My main goal for that is to lose the little “pouch” around my belly button. It’s not that big, but you can notice it whenever I sit down. My boyfriend gave me some advice, but he also told me to post a message on here and read “The Fat Roundtable”. So if anyone has any suggestions on what kind of diet I should start, please let me know.


“Theres no time like the first time to do a job right goes the quote” so the most effective way would be to see a nutritionalist. You can calculate your own BMR (basal metabolic rate), there is a method outlined elsewhere on this site under “power eating” or something. But a nutritionalist can give you a diet balanced in macro & micronutrients, be aware of food allergies etc, and know accurately whats in foods, not whats on the label. They also have creative experience making a diet appealing and easy to stick to. There are drugs, there are infomercial wonder machines, there are crazy diets such as Atkins. They may work but in the long run you will thank yourself for doing things the way nature intended.

The T-Mag search engine will direct you to such articles as: “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid”. Y’know before I became a “regular” in these here forums, for three years I read T-Mag. I used the search engine ALOT during those times. Okay, and Chris Shugart’s article “Heirarchy of Needs” is another really good one.

But other than that, I can give you anymore info -I somewhat remember your last post - however, more information would be nice before any specific recommendations can be made. I'd say to first search on T-Mag for "diet". Oh and read "Diet Manifesto" also.

I think even Arnold S even had one of those pouches when he sat down so it’s not that bad. Look in the FAQ for a diet that’s Kittie-style.

The fastest way to do it would be doing a low carb diet. I don’t think this is the best way though. Once you start adding carbs again, you’ll just baloon back up. I suggest eating bulky foods that fill you up quickly. 2 baked potatoes are very filling for example, but together they only have about 250 calories, whereas one can easily drink a can of coke and a peanut butter sandwich and have about 400 calories. If you were to eat 1800 calories a day just off of baked potatoes you would have to eat 16 baked potatoes. Im not suggesting you eat only baked potatoes; I’m just illustrating how hard it is not to lose weight if you are eating the right foods.

Here are some more tips. Start every meal with some water and green leafy vegetables. Avoid oils and sugars. Don’t buy things that have been processed. Avoid salty items as salt triggers overeating. Avoid drinks with artificial sweetners as this triggers overeating. Never be hungry since hunger triggers overeating. Thirst triggers overeating as well. People who do not drink enough water mistake thirst as hunger. Anyway, there are plenty more. Check out some of Clarence Bass’ stuff too.

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A nutritionist, not nutritionalist, will have no idea about the dietary needs of an athlete. Ask anyone who has had to sit through a class taught by a nutritionist. Most nutritionists will have you on a high-carb diet with lots of soy. No joke. There are some good ones out there, but they are few and far between.

Why the hell do you even bother coming on this website, all of your posts have been nothing but anti T-Mag.

And furthermore mother nature intended me to eat a frickin dinosaur or whatever animal I could get my hands on back in the day not some berries or nuts. I bet you think Soy is a good quality protein too

Rather than reply to each of your moronic posts individually, I’ll just put all my thoughts into this thread. First off, let me say that I’m not usually one to flame others, but each of your posts has really bothered me. That being said, I’ll tell you why:

1) First off, you have been very brief and sarcastic in each of your responses. Show me that you are willing to take the time to put some thought into your replies and I'll be happy to take the time to read and consider them.

  1. You have unceremoniously dismissed everything you have read as a “fad diet” that will come and go. In other words, you are completely closed-minded in regards to the concept of scientific innovation. I doubt that you criticize scientists who try to find a cure for cancer by saying, “Chemo is doing just fine. Quit screwing with what works.” The bottom line is that it doesn’t work, and neither do the kinds of diets for which you advocate. I refuse to believe that the traditional high carb diet is the best option for anyone, let alone everyone. Most dieticians and nutritionists (not nutritionALists) are simply spitting out what they learned twenty years ago in college while ignoring a plethora of studies that prove other macronutrient breakdowns are safe and effective.

  2. You also made reference to “power eating.” First off, it’s “Massive Eating.” In the words of Bob Dylan, “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” You obviously haven’t read about any of the logic behind the diet, nor do you have the slightest clue about the concept of insulin sensitivity. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be recommending a diet comprised of 60% carbohydrates. I think it’s kind of ironic that you made a point of mentioning that Carl Lewis and the Bulgarian powerlifters don’t follow any of the new “fad” diets. First off, these are genetically superior individuals that bear little resemblance to us “ordinary folk.” Second, they probably never tried any of these diets to even see if they could offer benefits over traditional approaches. Third, lean mass gain was not their primary goal. Finally, if you suggest that someone should take a look at extraordinary athletes to gain a real sense of “the right way,” why not look at qualified, educated professionals who practice what they preach? I’ve never met a dietician or nutritionist who knows his ass from his elbow when it comes to training and eating for hypertrophy. They’ll all tell you to eat soy and Special K while rubbing your ass raw on a bike for two hours a day. Meanwhile, John Berardi is an accomplished bodybuilder who trains professional athletes and is a PhD candidate. Of equal importance, he rationally explains all of his arguments. You, on the other hand, make terse, sarcastic posts that benefit no one. In other words, anyone in their right mind, myself included, would take his advice over yours!

4) You haven't responded to a single post regarding training, lifestyle, or supplementation. We all know that these three factors combine with diet to determine success or failure in the bodybuilding arena. Your posts indicate to me that you have little knowledge of these other factors. If you were knowledgeable in this regard, you would recognize that one diet does not work for everyone and that all these factors must be manipulated in consideration of each other to yield optimal results.

  1. You made one post that ended with “This ought to offer some good responses.” Why bother asking a question to which you already know the answer? Just so that you can belittle us peons? The fact is that there are a couple hundred calculations out there to determine appropriate daily caloric intake, and the only way to see which one is best is through trial and error.

  2. In short, you ar giving out bad information. It’s hard enough to teach a “newbie” good from bad without conflicting information from others. However, most T-Men and T-Vixens will always take the time to respond to a newbie post because it’s an opportunity to introduce someone to a healthy lifestyle and encourage him to get educated by taking advantage of all this free information. For the sake of the newbie himself and those trying to help him, why not offer good advice or just keep to yourself?

In closing, where to go from here is up to you entirely. I'd just like to say that I think you have four options:

  1. You seem to be relatively educated; why not make good use of that education by also being open-minded and learning more about other diet, training, and supplementation protocols? You could actually help people instead of just flaming them. Eventually, you might even become a T-Man.

  2. You can continue to post as you have been for the last day or so. You’ll get flamed a lot, nobody will like you, and you’ll probably wind up enduring years of therapy to get over all of this trauma (that it, unless someone beats you into oblivion first).

  3. You can just read and not post. Sit at your computer laughing at all of us ignorant muscleheads while you sip on your soy milk and stroke your saggy, gyno, man breasts. Whack off to your copy of Nancy Clark’s “Sports Nutrition Guidebook” and harass your minister about preaching the gospel of the Food Guide Pyramid every Sunday. As long as you aren’t sabotaging our forum or doing wrist curls in our squat rack, we won’t care.

  4. You can go just go away (although I’d rather have you stay and change your ways).

Like I said, this kind of post isn’t like me at all, but I feel it has to be made. T-Mag means a lot to me and many others, so I hate to see someone trying to corrupt it. Have a nice day:)

Now you believe in nutritionists, do you live in the land of make believe or what? You give bad advice. Do youy even read any of the articles on this site, I think not! Dieticians and nutritionists suck the majority of them give bad advice like you. Do us all a favor don’t post until you read the articles on this site, jackass!!

Eric, great post I absolutely agree with everything you have stated to that MORON!!!

OK~ now that we all know that Rik doesn’t know what he’s talking about, does anyone else have any good advice for me??

Thanks for the tips. It was not my intention to come across that way. Sonner or later you have to deal with communication issues and that appears to be the main problem. However i dont think that the informaition i give is wrong so much as it conflicts with some peoples beliefs and is interpreted as arrogent etc but more on that in a second. I think I/we are doing newbies a favour and exposing them to new, differing and conflicting ideas in some cases(barring misinterpretation) and encouraging them to research.
Some of the responses to my posts are as ignorant and close minded as I am, and my worst responses were just that, responses to those people. It is not worth the energy as some people have stated on this column. Perhaps i am not the first.
Im especially glad you pointed out my paradigm of you all being ignorant Gyno/ muscleheads etc. Our little perceptions of the world catch us unawares sometimes. I’m not trying to spoil anything, nor sound argumentative. If i seem abrupt its because i am trying to be brief. There is so much info and so little time and so much work to do. Try not to take too much of an insight into my personality from these posts. I am being misinterpreted. All i want is to gain and give and help.
If i challenge your ideas and am not welcome to a public opinion then i will limit my responses, or read only. I will not sneer, wack off over a sport nutrition book, drink soy or grow breasts. I can see where you’re coming from, and many of the others. Its easy to be rude on the internet and, obviously, to come across as such.
Sorry to anyone who thought i was “flaming” them. My phrasing, in many cases, not my intent was bad.