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Diet. WTF?



I gained 22 lbs in two months...
I know there is some mass here but I see that my gut has balooned up quite a bit.

My weight gain was from 145 to 167 lbs.
I am 5'10 tall.

The problem is that I have been on quite a low calorie diet (2800-3000 kcal daily) and this is considered a bulking diet for me. But how the fuck did I gain this much?

Maybe it's because I used to weight 210 lbs and I lost 60 lbs in 7 months. So I might be more vulnerable to gaining weight back. What do you guys think?

Would this be a negative to my training? I mean, 3000 kcal is bare minimum for those trying to gain some mass and if I am gainign this much weight at this rate.. it won't be worth my while eating this much. (not a yo-yo dieting because I am a bit of a food addict).


How did you lose 60lbs in 7 months? That might have something to do with it. How did your diet (macro percentages) change when you started to bulk?


When I lost all the weight it was intense dieting. I was even bulimic at a certain point. I was 15 and ignorant.

I lost fuckloads of muscle but got to a skinny dude with not very low fat %. (skinny fat).

Now I have an athletic build but my belly is starting to hang :frowning:

I used to eat no protein but then I educated myself and Now I try to eat as much protein as possible (anywhere between 1 gram per lb of body weight to 2 grams).'

I supplement with healthy fats and get my other saturated fats from milk, chicken, meats, cheese.. (not much though).

My diet is mostly composed of complex carbs and protein.

Protein at every seating with fruit and some other green veggie/ complex carb.
(carb intake is higher in the morning and around workouts).

I drink 100 calories worth of simple carbbs before the workout and 50 calories worth of protein whey concentrate (this is after my preworkout meal 2 h before the workout with solid P + c meal). I also take Beta-alanine, Arginine, creatine, glutamine and BCAAs in my shake.

During my workout I drink 50 cal worth of protein (whey concentrate) + 5 g glutamine + 5 g BCAA

about 20 min after the workout I drink 100 cal worth of simple carbs (dextrose) + 100 cal worth of protein + a bit of creatine and 5g BCAA.

About 30 mi after that I eat a solid meal with at leat 400 cal. And then I have similar meals of 400 cals every 2 hours after that. And I ultimately have 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese with weigh protein right before hitting the bed.

wow. sorry for the essay.


Work harder in the gym is all I can think of...


thing is I work at the gym really really hard. I have been going 3-4 times a week and I lift to the point I am about to puke sometimes.

I wasn't growing before because my volume was too high and my diet was poor. Now I reduced the colume but not the intensity and increased the calories by abour 1000. (from 2000 cals for over 8 months to 2900-3000 cals daily).

It is kind of demoralizing.




go back to the diet you were on and just try the new training your doing.


If you want to build an impressive build, a bit of a gut in the beginning is neccesary, especially if you were on a crash diet before. Just eat clean, progress on excercises and work through.



Would doing some faster cardion in the mornings (in combination with DC training in the afternoon)
be a good way to improve my body composition a bit?

I really don't like my gut. Specially now that I am going to Brazil in two months (girls.. girls.. and some more girls... except not with a belly haha)


I am very concerned that you were bulimic at one point. You may want to speak with someone about this.


I have.

I go talk to someone. I am not bulimic anymore but I am still very vERY VERY addicted to food. My day evolves around pleasuring myself with food (specially artificially sweetened food).




Get all your shit handled and take it from there. Don't worry about 'fasted cardio' and DC training and all kind of fancy stuff. Develop a reasonable relationship to your food and learn to love it for what it is.

And your gut ain't going to dissapear in two months time, sorry pal. 60 lbs in 7 months? That's A LOT of weight in a very small timeframe.

If I were you I would focus on getting my life together and have a more casual relationship to training, diet and your own body. Be sensible :slightly_smiling:


I wanted my first post in this forum to include the above quote. The image of cucumbers pops in my head for some reason.

No doubt your prior diet and rapid weight loss has a large impact on your current situation. My take is that your body is trying to suck it all in and store it in case you decide you want to starve yourself again. It also screwed with your metabolism.

I would cut back on calories until you see some weight stabilization. Cut back by 500 calories per day for one week to see how that impacts weight. Adjust up or down after that by 250 calorie increments. Keep track of weight, but more important body fat percentage. I don't care if weight goes up if a majority is lean body mass.

Also, read the stuff by Shugart on FFB. Just do a search for FFB. Don't think you qualify as one based on weight and only losing 60 lbs, but think the principles apply to you.

You need to get a hold of your food issues. I can tell you that simple sugary carbs can send me in a tail spin. If I eat clean with lots of protein, I control my food issues. Want to keep satiated feeling and blood insulin levels even.

My qualifications for the above post: lost 180 lbs and added back 25lbs lean mass.


You forgot one of the most crucial elements of bulking:



You mean... you read MINDS?!

I actually have nothing serious to add, but it bears repeating that you should see someone (namely, a doctor) about having been bulimic.


well, 167 for someone that is 5'10" is still pretty light. My honest opinion is that you seek the help of a professoinal that specializes in eating disorders and addictive behaviors, before you get any deeper.



I will do that.

I will also try and post some pictures tonight so you guys could maybe comment on what you think my bf is around?



As the others have said I'd strongly suggest talking with a doctor.

Other then that I would consider cutting out the dextrose completly; its just corn sugar, its a simple sugar. And as far as im concerned its basically crap if you were fat before.

Another thing is; for myself I find if I change my body weight its very hard to hold that weight for the first while, and then my body adapts to it. Maybe your body hasnt adapted to being skinny yet? Could be totally wrong but just a thought.

You say you bust ass in the gym so why dont you write out to us your workout routine. Provide us with exercises, weights used, sets and reps performed. What are your maximum lifts for bench press, squat and deadlift. Are you snacking on anything throughout the day you're not letting us know about( candy here and there, pop, chocolate bar)?


Hey mate. Intense dieting can work... sometimes too well and then backfire on you. It is a form of stress and the body doesn't know how to differentiate between mental or physical stress. It just perceives it as stress and will deal with it accordingly, ie release of cortisol. Initially, that can lead to cell degeneration/breakdown/muscle loss and fat loss but then it can flip and become the opposite as we also now know. Cortisol can also contribute to fat gain.

Complex carbs is such an outdated view of carbohydrates but if you're going by the classic model then I'd say you're carbing yourself to death! Cut the carbs, stick to vegetables and non starchy ones. Go leafy greens, reds, oranges and browns but no potatoes or the like.

Eat as Poliquin advises, ie if it doesn't walk on the earth, swim in the sea or fly in the air, don't eat it. If it doesn't grow out of the earth (ie non processed stuff) then also don't eat it. I know wheat and the such also grow from the earth but it's one to avoid. Likewise with white rice, pasta etc. Brown rice as a post exercise meal in moderation may be ok.

fruit is your friend if you don't overdo it. just because it's loaded with nutrients and tastes nice doesn't always mean you can indulge so don't overdo it when you have it with your protein.

There is part of your problem I reckon.

cut the simple carbs in your drink. Likewise the protein before workout isn't gonna work for every tom, dick and harry just because it worked for bodybuilder X or company X who swear that having protein like oxygen is a must. All the additives ie creating, beta-alanine, glutamine are also going to add to the insulin surges when added with the simple carbs and protein. You'd find the fat around your belly is coming from that. Instead, stick to some electrolytes in a little waxy maize and if you really needed it some creatine. This will help with fueling the workout but without all the unnecessary calories

Why? because pro's do it or it's become supplement companies spiel? The way I look at it is none of this existed years ago and bodybuilders/strength athletes didn't also walk around with bloated guts.

If you're belly is hanging, I'd say there's a fair chance it's a combination of a dirty gut, bloatedness and some fat all combined together not to mention your previous state of being fat easier to get to than normal

Throw the dextrose in the bin.

Pretty easy to see why you're gaining weight.

Too much food, too much supplements and stressing your body too much. Cut the supps, cut the pre and during training drinks, stick to your solid breakfast lunch and dinner with light and low GI snacks with protein in between as well as keeping your fibre up through a powder or lots of veges as your carb sources.

Cut the starches and 'complex carbs'.

Drink plenty of water and start your mornings with fresh fruit as breakfast with some protein form.

Clean yourself out and you won't need all those sups to get going in a workout.

You can't gain quality mass by having a junkyard inside your body and neither can you cut properly.

If you do try, you'll end up skinny fat or big fat.

just my 2 cents