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Hey guys whats up? im jus gonna flat out say this... im tryin to get as ripped as vin diesel. right now im 6' 200 lbs. i try to eat at least 50% grams of protein to my body weight. and right now, i try to shove every exercise i can into one day, which is Mon, Wed, and Fri. please if you guys have any tips, let me kno, i would really appreciate it. thanx!



im sorry to be the one to say this to you but its simply not that easy....

there are many more contributing factors to an effective diet than how much protein you can get in you. however, you do need more, a gram for half your body weight isnt enough...you need about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight if not more.

also, shoving as many exercises into 3 days of training as possible is not a good idea. you need structure in your workouts, and you need to structure your loads/reps/sets for your training to have maximum effectiveness. i would suggest reading all the articles by Chad Waterbury....however if youve never seriously lifted which i get the vibe you havent, you may need to stick into the 8+ rep range for awhile before starting to load up the weight and get down into those low reps.

hope i helped...your definately at the right place


Zach is right. Also, nutrition is a big part of the game. Read all of John Berardi's articles-particularly Massive Eating. Go to the article library and do an author's search. Unless, you are pretty overweight, which is unlikely at your stats, you should be focusing on adding size now and worry about leaning out later.


alright thanx alot guys!


Somehow, I think that Vin Diesel is not looking over his shoulder with apprehension.