Diet, workout and everything else- Chris?

This in part for Chris S. This weeks article is great, but you mention dieting and low carbs, is this the best way to go? I think John B and others we’re debating this, is it best to go 40/30/30 protein, carb, fat percentage wise and get all the macro nutrients and let the calories and cardio adjust to strip the blubber away?

Also, next is a workout question. Any martial artists here? How do you incorporate weight training with martial arts? I take 2 classes on monday and wednesday and train 3 days a week. i do 2 hours on the mon,wed and do a half hour of cardio right after. but that seeems about all i can handle. so the other 2 days are just usually cardio or 1 day cardio and 1 day completely off. and this is tough enough to keep up, am i wimpy or what? training is a)chest and bi b)back and ham c)quads, calves and tri, abs twice a week. any thoughts.

Any good energizing meals, i’m starting to feel sluggish by the end of the work day is there something to do that will help. i’m off ephedrine for a bit. by the way how long should you be on e/c/a and off? is it good to use T2 when off the e/c/a?

thanks all

There is no best way. The examples in my article were based on what works for me after years of experimentation.

If you arent carb sensitive eat more, if you are eat less, that simple! I have a carb tolerance that boggles me I usually eat 400 grams carb. 200 grams protein a day, no prob. My training partner pushes 150 grams and he gets fat. It’s all what your body responds to, even precontest I only go keto the last 2 weeks.

I fight Muay Thai and Vale Tudo. I train (MA)three days a week M/TH/Sat. I have had to really tweek my lifting though. I do legs on Tuesday, Pulling on Wed. and Pushing on Friday. I have found this works best so my legs are fresh for the days I fight. I have added a few 100 yard sprints about 3 days a week to help with conditioning but have found that at around 2400 calories I can add a little muscle each week and cut fat too. I know, people say can’t be done but for now this is working for me (per 7 site caliper). Take some time off if you are feeling fatigued.

I train for TKD about three times per week and the hardest part is making sure that the muscles aren’t so sore that it is impossible to maintain a certain stance for a period of time.

the most effective thing I have found is to drop training to failure during periods of high volume of martial arts, i.e. preparing for a contest, there’s no point having the most muscular legs in the contest if they are so sore that you can’t kick them in the head wothout whincing from the pain.

At the minute I am doing five sets on ten for the “core” movements and very little work for the “little” movements, haven’t lost any size or strength in a long time using this metod and my training in TKD have improved because of the lack of muscular fatigue, also use every nutritional trick to get glcycogen synthase working after exercise.

Hey stu you from Minnesota?

knuckledragger, I’m from England.