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Hi Guys

I have been a reader of this site for a while now and really enjoy reading all the articles.
I’ve had success in the past using the Velo diet and lost 8kg or 17lbs. After taking a break from training and some poor diet choices on my part i am back too the same weight.

I need a plan that I can stick to, low carb diets seem to get the best results. Am willing to try something new if anyone can recommend. I am 25yrs 109kg (240lbs) 1.93m tall (6,3) I think my metabolism is rather slow and that doesn’t help.

My Current Training plan is:

Mon, Wen, Fri - Weights

Mondays - Chest & Triceps
Wednesdays - Back & Biceps
Fridays - Legs & Shoulders

Workouts last about 45min - 1hr normally.

Tuesdays & Thursdays - Cardio

I do either bike, treadmill or stepper for 40min.

My Meals


5 egg Scrambled with coffee

Mid morning

Fruit or nuts


Tuna Salad with 2 boiled eggs

Post workout

Protein Shake


Chicken breasts with vegetables

I haven’t counted my calories yet, but i am not sure i am getting enough.

If anyone can give their input, i know this plan sucks at the moment but i am here too improve it.


if you are gonna go three days i would suggest a full body split and just stick with the big compound excersisies such as the squat deadlift bench press military press. For a diet i would throw in some smaller meals in between the big ones if you want to keep adding size. Try Ws4sb Thats a great program or jim wendlers 5/3/1

I advise the Anabolic Diet and Chad Waterbury’s Waterbury Summer Project

I’ve used them both with great success.

Anabolic Diet (takes some reading, but highly worthwhile)

Waterbury Summer Project

Your diet looks okay, if a little on the small side, but I find a great deal of comfort if I’m following someone else’s directions, hence, the AD and WSP.

WS4SB is a good program, as is Wendler’s 5/3/1, but I think Wendlers is designed with the intermediate weightlifter in mind, therefore I recommend against it.

Good luck. Don’t forget to post further questions and results.

Thanks for the advice, i will read both those articles.