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Diet while using MAG-10

I know I’ll get flammed for this, but I did do a search and I was overwhelmed with the topics. I’m planning on starting my mag-10 cycle in 3 days, and need to plan my diet immediately. So if anyone can point me in the right direction or a link to a perfect MAG-10 diet, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mike.

Issue 189 - Steroid Dieting by Cy Wilson

Are you trying to gain or lose? Read the “Growth Surge Project” and/or the “MAG-10 Plan for Success” or the “MAG-10 FAQ”. All have diet info. If you want to cut, read “Steroid Dieting”. Make sure you use the search engine at T-mag itself, not the forum.

I read issue 189, The Steriod Diet. It suggests that you can maintain your muscle while dieting to shed fat for that “hard” look while on MAG-10. Is it possible to “gain” a little muscle, and lose the fat while on such a diet with MAG-10? Also, the 1,600 or so calories for losing bodyfat seems very low after you take into account any calories you burn on the stationary bike and lifting. It’s hard to imagine you wouldn’t lose any LBM.


As a personal trainer, I recommend keeping your modifications focused on two things. First, what is your goal? I could assume that as a Testosterone reader, you want to gain muscle and lose fat. But I won’t assume, and the reason why is that you are unique in everything that makes up you. Your metabolism, your discipline, your experience, etc. Focus on your goal and build your diet around it. Secondly, phase your diet from where it is right now to where you want it to be. What I mean by that is most people experience culture shock the first week or so on a new diet because they went overboard with the changes. For example, create smaller goals along the way that will help you make a full transition in your eating habits. I would suggest removing all obvious maladies (alcohol, fast food, etc.) for the first week. During this week as well, I recommend that you write down ever calorie you eat for a seven day period. Then go out and get yourself a calorie counter and find out exactly what percentages of protein, carbs and fat you are consuming. It is very difficult to give dieting advice to someone if they don’t have a starting point. If you are already eating fairly intelligently, aim for 55% carbs, 30% protein, and 15% fat in your diet. If this is too radical a change, focus on limiting saturated fat first. Remember to take it one step at a time. Let me know some more specifics and I’ll help you out wherever I can.

Thanks, for the replys. I’m looking to build mass right now on the MAG-10 cycle. Also want to know if it matters when I eat my P+C or P+F meals during the day. Like should I prioritize one meal over the other at a certain time of the day?? Understand?

If mass is your goal make the majority of your meals P&C. The only place where P&F meals fit in are the hours before training and right before bed.

I prolly be called stupid for question …but what is umm “P&F” and “P&C”?..Sorry and thanx :slight_smile:

P&F = protein and fat meal. P&C = protein and carbohydrat meals. Read John Berardi’s “Massive Eating” article for the specifics about this style of eating.


If you can’t get in the calories just use more P+C meals since they’re less filling. This is what I did, making only one afternoon meal and my before bed shake low carb (Advanced Protein with flax). Bill Roberts and Tim Patterson both said to eat a lot of protein and carbs and keep the fat lower while on MAG-10 or steroids for the best gains.