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Diet While Traveling on Cycle


hey all
i am looking for some advice, i am going to start my first cycle and have read a bunch but am looking for experienced help.

i am working out of town so in a hotel room, has anyone got any good tips for a way to maintain a good diet when all i have is a mini fridge and a microwave.

second i am 38 and 6'2" 185lbs i worked out hard for 2 years and didnt see much results, it has always been very hard for me to put on weight. i got discouraged for a while but now i am back and ready to commit.

i have had a hard time finding gear but finally got ahold of some deca and dbol.

i have read some older post in here about a stack similar to this, but can anyone tell me for a slim body type like mine what quantities should i take and how often.

i would apprecieat all the help i can get.



Egg whites and oatmeal. I microwave both and it's a major part of my diet.
I guess you could microwave chicken and beef, never have myself, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.
And fill your fridge full of veggies.
Olive oil, other oils, nuts, avocado, and other sources of fat.

Don't be too worried about diet, as you should be more concerned about what you plan on putting in your body...do more research before you do anything further.

Also you need to throw some Test in there.

Others will probably chime in on how much you have to take and how often, but you definitely need to read more.

Hope this helps.


thanks that definately helps, i will do some more research i havent started my cycle yet.


You're not eating enough - period. You don't need gear, you just need more food. Gear will not help you put on weight if you are not eating enough, and you are not.


so help me out, i know i need to eat 5 to 6 times a day. what do you eat in between meals, protein shake, protein bars or do i need some chicken breast of beef. i just am not sure how much to eat. living out of a hotel room i will have to stock up on the fats and sources of protein as advised above. do i stuff myself and feel full all day long, or do i need to eat certain amounts. sorry to be such a novice but i am looking for your experience.

i usually work 2 to 3 body parts a day and usually do at least 3 different varieties of each body part to mix it up. when i am in the gym i try to hit it hard, but am i not working out long enough?

when i was hitting it hard for those 2 years i was eating 5 and most of the time 6 times a day but i must not have been eating enough. it was more like i said above regular meals and my inbetween meals were usually either tuna from the can or protein shakes or bars, i am sure now i wasn't getting enough protein, but how much is enough at each meal.

thanks for your advice


If you have no idea. I think you didn't do enough research, but more than that you haven't been eating enough. If you've been training properly you should be hungry/starving every 2-3 hours on the minute. It seems everytime i'm hungry I look at the clock and bam 2 hours after exactly. You have to feed your body, otherwise the vitamins you're injecting won't have anything to work with. It's a cycle. food>strength>great workouts>food> recover/growth. No food no results. Don't forget, you also need ample sleep as well, and if you have a physical type job or you work tons of hours your gains won't be as quick.

Do aerobics 2-4 times per week 30-60 minutes to push your metabolism and keep the fat levels stable. If you're juicing and training intensely (not over training) then you should be hungry all the time. First thing to do is get a scale and a shaker!
here's things you can stock up on:


-low fat cottage cheese- I like eating this with bread and veggies in the morning.
-albacore tuna in cans (I eat 2 per meal)
-deli sliced turkey/chicken meat(this should be your preferred meat-breasteses meat of course :wink: )
-deli sliced roast beef or sirloin steak if you can find it (make sure most of it is dripping blood...(drooling just thinking about it)
-eggs/ egg beaters (I used to drink mine..not the healthiest thing, but I wanted to get it over with)
-any good whey protein powder. I use optimum's nutri core 24. buy a shaker as well and wash it right after or it will start to stink after multiple times.
MORE than enough of a selection there for you to work with.

those are your proteins and you don't need to cook it at all (except the eggs. I haven't eaten eggs for a while because I'm tired of the farting HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!), unless you want a hot meal then warm it up, but don't kill it, it's already dead. Twice a week I buy chicken breast in bulk and use a grill (with charcoal briquettes) outside and precook my chicken. 90% cooked. I place it in plastics in the freezer and warm up what I need per meal. If you can do that then shit get some salmon and steak and do that as well. don't burn the meat. and too much grilling isn't so healthy. the black burned parts are carcinogens from what I read.

-Oatmeal..whatever you like..granola is ok, but try to eat a lot of clean food.
-Take a microwave rice cooker and buy uncle bens brown rice (not the instant kind) buy some spices (not too much unless you can deal without any at all which is preferred-no oil!)/water and put it in the cooker, cook on high for 3-4 minutes at a time and mix in between. add water as you need to keep it from drying up. After it's cooled down I put the whole plastic in the feezer and when I need to eat rice then I put it in the mic for 2-3 minutes and then use a knife and chop out and weigh what I need, then back in the freezer. It holds about 8-9 meals for me at 140-160 grams per meal.
-whole wheat bread. make sure it's 100% whole wheat. not caramel coloring or some other grain in there. rice and potato should be your preferred starch, then the bread. the rice will give you strength in your workouts like you've never felt before.
-sweet/potatoes. 2-3 small/medium and mic for 2-3 minutes at a time and then turn over and do it till it's soft. but don't kill it or the insides will get too hard. peel the skin, weight it and eat. BAM..simpler than that..no way.

You can add veggies and cook some bok choy or some broccoli in the mic if you like that. comes out great. not much calories and adds roughage vitamins/minerals. Also veggies are a supplement to a meal. meaning if you want add them, if not don'tm, but the basics above should not be skimped on.

You can also eat sushi once in a while if you can find a restaurant and you like it. I don't buy maki/rolls and what not. I simply ask for 3 orders of salmon/tuna sashimi (raw fish) and a bowl of steamed rice. bam- done. I've also eaten pizza (usually 2 slices) with no cheese/toppings and finish the meal with a protein powder when I had no choice. Although I'm always prepared and take a meal with me, even if leave the house for a little while.
Here's another fast alternative if you have no choice mcdonalds. They have a grilled chicken burger I think. eat 2 of those and pass on the mayo. I used to eat it when I wasn't training years back but I almost cheated last week for the first time since I was back. Thank god the woman in front of me took forever top order and I got fed up. ran home and stuffed down 2 apples. it was tough though. You need will power.

You can also add fruits .I eat apples and tangerines only-I used to eat banana but it takes me 2 seconds to eat them which I can't enjoy and it's too many calories. Although us BBs eat to live not the other way around. You really shouldn't be eating anything in between meals unless you're really hungry and can't hold on for 3 hours. eat a fruit or 2. no grapes/watermelon/cantaloupe..too much sugar and too many calories. Keep it clean and the gains will come.

You have to suffer to look good. there's no excuses buddy. food is the most important aspect of BBing. I've been living off a mic and fridge for a year now and I do what I MUST to feed my body. If you aren't determined enough the gains won't come. You have to be thinking food all the time. I say bb is 40% determination/motivation/consistency (without the attitude needed you won't hold on for long) 40% food, and the rest is training/sleep/vitamins and other bs. That's my take on it.

My menu:
8am protein shake
10am cottage cheese/ bread/veggies (tomato red pepper cucumber)
1pm chicken/rice
4pm steak/salmon/chicken liver and either potato or rice
7pm chicken/ rice
10pm sometimes (when I'm tired and have no strength) I like taking sirloin steak and slicing it really thin and making a sandwich with it. some dijon mustard, some onions, tomato and bam..a kick ass meal. otherwise chicken and rice..

Hope this gives you some direction.


i just got a boost of energy just reading what you wrote, i am going to the store and then to work out. i really apprecieate the help, it is exactly what i needed. i will try and keep you posted on my progress.

thansk for taking the time to help someone out.



hey guys i have been reading more and eating more, energy has went up a lot to my surprise. but most importantly i am taking your advice and am skipping the deca in my first cycle. i still want to start with the dbol and add the test as suggested. which test do you guys suggest, test e or test p and what is a good amount and how often for a novice?


I have an extremely fast metabolism and small bone structure myself. I don't find I put on muscle any slower than anyone else, it just requires more calories. Personally I cannot gain weight eating 100% clean, I just cannot eat enough to do it. I make my best gains when I have 6 decently clean, 600-700 calorie meals with protein (2 or 3 are shakes) and as long as I get those meals in, the rest of the day I just eat what I want, clean or not.

I've found that hardgainer's biggest enemy is NOT their metabolism.. its their appetite. You spend a lot of hours in the gym, practising repetitive motions and straining your body over and over to build muscle... well thats only half of it, you gotta realize that when you are a hardgainer you have to train your appetite as much as you have to train your body... so start practising... the first few days I up my calories to around 4500 are really tough for me because of my poor appetite... but within a week you will get use to it and it will become habit...

BTW.. this post had nothing to do with steroids, I'm talking exclusively about nutrition. I personally think you need to learn how to build muscle tissue effectively on your own body before you start thinking about steroids... or else you're wasting your time