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Diet While on HP Mass


Hey Guys I'm going to be starting Thib's HP Mass program in a few weeks and I was wondering what kind of Diet anyone out there followed while they did the program.I'm trying to add mass(obvious seeing as the name of the program is hp MASS lol)and wanted to find out what anyone would recommend in terms of just a whole lot of calories or some more nutrient dense options along with the proper post workout nutrition. Cheers


Dude---do some research. You can't expect people to do the work for you...don't be a lazy ass!

Cake has a lot of calories.....you should eat that.

Not trying to be a dick, but there are a ton of articles on this site, showing multiple ways to approach mass gaining nutrition. Read them


Hey Tspoon
I think you have a legitimate question. Did you contact Thib's for some input?
Synergy is correct there are lots of articles on this site, but he did sound
like a dick with his response.


You have to figure out what your goals are and there is plenty of information on dropping body fat, putting on weight / mass, just have to search.

I've been following a plan for dropping body fat and so far it's dropped about 6-points and I've lost another 7lbs while improving my bench press 3RM 9%, and overhead shoulder press 7%. I had a bad hamstring pull at the beginning of Phase 2 and then ended-up with a protruding disc at week 4 so my progress has slowed a bit but otherwise I'm confident that my bench 3RM would be up closer to 15% by now. I can't wait until fall comes when I can work on bulking up with this program, it should be killer.


I started HP Mass about 8 weeks ago in conjunction with low carb/reduced calorie diet. I thought that the low reps would be good for retaining muscle while trying to lose fat. I was very surprised to see that after about 5 weeks, my triceps, chest, and shoulders were noticeably bigger, even with fewer calories. My legs also seemed to grow with all of the prowler pushing. I eat very low carb all day and train around 8pm. After my workout, I have a shake with about 1/2 cup of oats mixed in. An hour later I eat 4 pieces of Ezekiel bread. On non-training days, I eat around 30 carbs total, mostly from vegetables, beans, and nuts.

I'm seeing nice gains with low carbs and calories so I would think that if you were on a bulking diet, you could put on some serious size if you follow the program.


Thanks for the input guys.Cheers


Oh and Synergy93 have you graduated high school because i think READING is a requirement to graduate.I have read the numerous articles on this site about gaining mass and was asking for peoples input who were currently using the HP mass template.You did answer one of questions-somewhat-and it shows how little YOU know about workout nutrition.

Cake?really?But you're probably one of those idiots who thinks calories are calories when it comes to gaining mass and it doesn't matter the source of your calories?Pure sugar might add some weight to begin with but if you continuously take in empty calories(CAKE,cream,chocolate)to make sure you have a caloric excess you'll end up a diabetic.Take the time to read the OP's question thoroughly next time and don't try and make people out to be lazy just because they want someone else's input.


I believe Synergy is a professional football player, so I'm pretty sure he knows what's going on. Check one of the other threads and I'm pretty sure you'll find his own thread.


Yea because playing football and having knowledge about nutrition and working out are completely realted right ? And as for those other threads you speak of...those people seem to think he's some kind of god who knows everything(that's obviously carried over to his own ego)They probably spend more time on the forums than they do in the gym.


You should really check out Synergy's thread in the BB forum. He knows his stuff when it comes to training and diet. Also, turn on your sarcasm detector when reading posts on this site. It will go a long way...


Holy shit, you have never read a single thread on this site. Synergy has forgotten more about training and nutrition than you have read.

He is right, people need to read around for themselves and then later ask questions once they have an idea of what to do.


At a professional level, yeah there's quite a bit of relationship. Competing at a professional level eclipses pure skill. One must be in peak, not just good, physcial condition to compete and where does excellent physical conditioning come from, diet and exercise.

It's not that they think he's a god. People respect others that are experts or at a minimum, very well versed in a certain area and when they are willing to share their experience it's good to listen.


Shitting on one of the most well respected (and knowledgeable and fucking jacked, not nuthugging, truth) dudes on this site isn't going to win you friends, champ.

Stop being so defensive, you asked a dumb fucking question and got a smart-ass response, haven't you hung out with other guys? That's par for the course.


Dont feel bad dude. Beginners get shit on all the time on this site. Nutrition is a hard one to figure out cause every answer seems to say everyone is different. Try searching the past articles and I have learned to pretty much stay off the live spills and such because unless your an expert people will be dicks to you on here.(by that I mean read and reread but dont post). The people who give advice on here are good at getting big and strong. Interpersonal relationships and respect of others are prolly best learned in church or some other place. lol. happy hunting


I found that when I was using a regular 6 meal a day approach I started to put on a lot of size and was receiving many comments about how bigger I was getting all of a sudden.

Since the Pulse Feast article came out, I've been using that approach because it fits best with my overall lifestyle. I'm still getting stronger all the time, but because I'm slowly leaning up, the size gains aren't as apparent with the all out bulking approach.


Made me LOL. This guy is a goober.


Exactly. Synergy is by far in the top 3 most useful and intelligent posters on this forum right now and he did exactly what I would have done if I was still responding to stupid and lazy questions. Do the research for yourself instead of asking to be spoon fed like a baby bird with your mouth open. Your diet on this program should be setup exactly the same as it should be on any program DESIGNED TO BUILD MUSCLE. If you haven't figured out how to do that so far...better to learn now. You'll be better off for it in the future and know how to put together the foundation of a diet instead of needing someone telling you what to eat each time.


Do you know who the fuck your talking to? Look at his arm in the avi and look at his thread. Not someone who needs advice on nutrition.


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