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Diet while on DNP???



Im embarking on a modest dnp cycle (8 days, fairly low doses starting at 200mg's for the first three days). I am getting mixed messages on diet to follow while on dnp. Some say carbs are absolutely necessary for dnp to work properly, BUT at the same time, Im hearing alot of people with dnp experience who say on dnp you should eat as close to 0 grams of fat and only eat carbs pwo. This is because if you intake fat or carbs, dnp has to burn this first for fat lipolysis caused by dnp to continue.

Any thoughts on this??




what's mixed about that? Carbs yes, fat no--that's a unified message I'm seeing.

My experience strongly supports that suggestion, btw. And don't cut carbs too low, bad things can happen..



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BTW, that picture was horrid, lol. Well, I read ( and ive read ALOT ) that some people load on the carbs sayin this is needed.

OTHERS, say no carbs except pwo, so your body doesnt leave its lipolysis state to first burn the consumed carbs.

Both say little to no fat, BUT im wondering about the carbs. Im interested in people who have done multiple cycles and who didnt let the dnp control them and kept strict diets.

Thanks fellas,



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I've not used DNP myelf but a few I know who have preferred to limit carb intake but not go no carb. Especially carbs coming from fruit were preferred.
PWO carbs should be fine and a t-dawg style diet with some extra fruit would be good.

Healthy fats are always a must in my opinion.


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BTW I don't know why you would bother messing with DNP unless you where a pro BB and really needed it for a competative edge. In other words, why not use something a little less...deadly? Don't mean to critize and I uderstand my response does little to answer your question. Good luck.


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I understand the hilarity of this pic, BUT does anyone really have any helpful info based on their OWN personal experience with dnp and their diets?

Im up to 400mg's already and the sides are hitting me very minor thus far, luckily. This means that even more, I want to make the best of this by keeping my diet SPOT on since I doubt I will have some of the food cravings I read about or laziness.




If you are running dnp you should really go to meso and check out some of the diarys as well as heretics post
Those guys have experience.

Most of them use lower carb diets but include some fruit. If you eat massive carb meals like, pasta, etc you will be okay but supposedly sweat a whole lot.
good luck


That's interesting because I was low carbing for a while then had some pasta one night and I was drenched in sweat about 10 minutes later.


carbing up when you've been low for a while will make most people sweat but I hear whne you add DNP to the mix it's in puddles.


When you're on the bug juice you'll probably end up sweating buckets regardless of what you're eating. The weight loss mechanism of DNP is that it uncouples electrons during the synthesis of ATP in the electron transport chain and releases the energy as heat instead of storing it in ATP molecules. I suppose the effect might be magnified though if you ate a lot of carbs since they (mostly glucose) are the primary energy source for ATP synthesis.


lucid, what were ur doses at?

Im on 600mg's, for two days now, my 7th day total. I wear cut offs and shorts everywhere, but im rarely sweating. I have not soaked any clothes thus far. Even in the morning when i do 45min of cardio ( i have a fan blowing directly on me however)

Just curious,