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Diet While Getting Dialed In

Hello all,
This is my first post to the forum so hopefully you guys will not be too critical. I am a 25 year old male who recently started TRT (mid October).

Unfortunately I had to first try out androgel 1.62%. 2 months of 2 pumps a day brought me from a TT level of 118 to 420. Then, the androgel stopped working and doc finally gave me test cyp, but at 75mg weekly. Bloodwork is actually being done tomorrow afternoon to see where that puts me.

Prior to experiencing low T symptoms I was 6’2 and around 195lbs and 10-12% bf. I now have gravitated around 180lbs and 15% bf give or two a few pounds and percentage points for about 2 weeks. Before starting TRT I had dropped down to 165lbs and my strength plummeted. I need an outside opinion on what I should be doing as far as nutrition goes until I get dialed into my ideal dose.

Would consuming a slight surplus to get my strength and size back, then cut down to the body fat range I want be the best track?

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Weekly injecting are too far apart, inject twice a week.
Do labs 1/2 way between injections, don’t change.

At your age, low T is a symptom, not a condition.
You needed these labs:

LH/FSH - too late now, diagnostic opportunity lost.

You need to be injecting hCG to prevent loss of fertility.

Inability to absorb transdermal T can be a symptom of low thyroid function with is best evaluated by checking body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Note comments there re iodine and iodized salt.

If TRT is working well, you may develop a hunger and snacking might not satisfy. Getting more protein may help satisfy the demands of a restored anabolic state.

There is more at stake than testosterone, and T tunnel vision is a problem for you and your doctor.

My endocrinologist did do a workup with most of the tests you listed. I do not have them, but will request all a copy of all records tomorrow during my visit. All I have is the following:

Before Treatment
Testosterone, Serum 195 Range 348-1197
Free Testosterone (Direct) 3.5 Range 9.3-26.5

After 6 weeks of 2 pumps daily androgel 1.62%
T4, Free (Direct) 1.28 Range 0.82-1.77
Testosterone, Serum 342

My LH/FSH values suggested that I might have a pituitary tumor. I had an MRI done, which came back clean. Then she started me on the androgel. I had to flat-out tell her I wanted the test cyp after noticing the androgel issues, which she surprisingly replied “Ok, I’ll call in a prescription”.

Hopefully I will be able to get a copy of the labs tomorrow and can post the information Saturday. Thank you for the prompt reply.

I was able to get my lab results online. This was all prior to starting TRT.

FSH 2.2 1.2-19 mIU/mL
LH 1.5 1.2-8.6 mIU/mL
Prolactin 6.4 2.6-13.1 NG/mL
Free T4 0.79 0.78-2.20 NG/DL
PSA 0.56 <4.00 NG/mL
Test, Serum 195 348-1197
Free Test (Direct) 3.5 9.3-26.5