Diet When Sick

How should we approach diet while being sick? I do not know if it would be better to just eat as much as I want or still track calories.

If you started tracking because you were fat, it means that your eating “as much as want” is unhealthy and damaged. Its like an alcoholic that drinks because he actually does crave it. Its unnatural craving be he really craves it.
Sooo, fat people cant trust the “want”.

As far as what is right to do… when im sick, i do long fasts and eat nothing. How do you know that the dog is sick? It stops eating. Every animal stops eating when sick.
Digestive system is one of largest and most resource consuming system in our body. Many people believe that by not eating you save all the resources wasted for digestion.

p.s - i believe that people often ask this question because deep down they are just looking for a reason to order pizza… no one ever asks this because they crave and extra cup of steamed broccoli.

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I encountered this a number of times. Many years I would get either a cold or the flu around March. I would be in the first weeks of a cut for a contest.

The first thing is to determine if I had a cold or the flu. I would go to the gym as normal schedule would have it. If I felt quite a bit weaker, it was nearly certain that I had the flu. If my strength was on track, it was nearly certain that I had a cold.

If I had a cold, I didn’t change anything and dealt with the runny nose. I seldom had a fever. And I never changed my diet.

My mother always said, “Feed a cold, starve a fever.”

If I had the flu I was going to be running a fever soon, if I wasn’t already. This meant that my diet changed to get over the flu as fast as possible. Get in bed and hope to sweat it out in a couple days. I went on a liquid diet (not protein in liquid form) of juices and chicken broth and noodles or rice, but mostly broth. Load up on zinc lozenges and some additional vitamin C. I usually could get well in a little over half a week. Sure I I lost some muscle, but muscle memory is a wonderful thing. It comes back on fast.

I never had to cancel a contest.


Not sure if there’s any science backing me up but I always eat Chinese food when I’m sick (If I have an appetite).

My thoughts have always been get better first, then back to business.


I once cured an oncoming cold with a $20 order from Burger King.


“Sick” is a pretty general term. Your body should do a good enough job of telling you whether or not you can maintain your regular diet (whatever that is at the moment).

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That is if you allow yourself to listen to your body. But if you are highly driven to put on muscle, you could ignore the voice of your body and keep your eye on the prize (until your body screams at you.) I did that once.


I (and my doctor) things will not get much better until I get surgeries to remove cause, however I will have to wait for them for some time. Luckily today I am better than in past few days so I can return to my normal activities.

Thinking that this is more than just feeling like crap?? Hopefully not serious.

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It is a bit painful but not dangerous. All the procedures are simple, they will have to remove wisdom teeth (all 4 are still under bones) that cause headache and hydrocele, that grew so big that it became painful and is hard to do some normal activities.

Good to hear it’s not serious although that is still an ordeal. I had all of mine taken out followed up by an infection. Not fun. Good luck. You’ll be back in buisiness in no time.

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If it were me, that would be a priority and I wouldn’t have bothered with starting this thread.

Wait… these are separate, right? I read it as the wisdom teeth caused a hydrocele and it blew my mind. Now I think I likely just can’t read.

That hydrocele is going to hurt more than you’re giving it credit for - good luck!

Thanks. Yes they are separate things but I have trouble phrasing things in English sometimes.

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Sadly waitlist is long so I am doing life as usual, however I will have my surgery soon :slight_smile: