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Diet & Weeks Off

So alright my question is that I’m planning on taking about 2 1/2 weeks off off lifting…i mean ive never taken this much time off in the gym but there are 2.5 wks left in the semester, and i hurt my shoulder(jiu-jitsu or heavy training, not sure which) so it seems like a good time…but anyway how do i adjust my diet to minimize lbm loss? 40p/30c/30f split? or what? i planned on only going around 2-300 cals under maintence, but not any lower bc i think i’ll lose some lbm…what do u all think? like i said ive never dieted and not worked out…oh yeah im 6’1 190 15-16% BF

when not training i usually cut some of my protein intake from supplements and i don’t take Surge so there goes that calorie deficit you were talking about. i try to maintain a clean diet but that’s really hard when you are vacationing or laying around all day. laters pk