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Diet - Vegetarian

I need some diet advice.
I’m hindhu and my parents are very religious and do no allow any meat in the house whatsoever. I have taken up bodybuilding recently but finding it very difficult to get get my protein requirements at home.
In the morning I have oats and a protein shake at 6.30 in the morning, then at work I eat jackets potatoe and chicken at 9.00am, the same at 1.00pm, then a tuna sandwich at 4.00pm. Then when I get home from work at 7.oopm I have chapati’s made from Brown flour with a vegetable curry + protien shake. i work out late in the evening and finish my work out at 10.00pm.
Can anyone please recommend a good post workout meal without meat/fish/eggs. By the way I can’t stand cottage cheese. Is low fat cheese ok or should I avoid this???. Also is the brown flour a healthy source of carbohydrates?

Your post-workout meal should be a liquid meal like Surge for optimal performance. Low fat cheese is ok, but even the low fat varieties still have a significant amounto of fat, so read the labels. Flour of any sort is generally a poor carb source. It has been refined and will be higher GI. Stick with veggies, beans, fruits, and whole grains for carb sources. With that said, beans are a decent source of protein and if combined with rice, I believe they creat a whole protein, so that may be a decent option for your 2nd post-workout meal. Also milk and non-fat plain yogurt are good sources of protein, but also carry a lot of simple carbs so keep an eye on those.

So your parents allow dairy in the house? In that case, why not just have something like Surge post-workout? As far as an evening meal, I would recommend lentils with brown rice

You might want to look into miscellar caesin as a main source of protein, but for post-workout, stick to Jason’s advice and drink something like Surge.