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Diet Tuned In?

Hi Everyone,
This is my second post regarding nutrition. I got sidetracked for a month with 24 stitches in my hand, but I started back up 2 weeks ago. Here is my current eating schedule, please comment. Current weight is 200 with 17%bf.

6 am: Low carb grow
9 am Egg Beater Omelette with spinach and low fat cheese
12 pm Tuna
Salad with 1 carb dressing
3 pm chicken breast
430 1/2 serving surge
530 1/2 serving surge
630 turkey tips
small serving brown rice
930 fat free cottage cheese
low carb grow

Also throw in 2 tablespoons of flax daily
Twinlab multi
drink nothing but water and obviously shakes

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

eastierock, your dietary choices are a thing of beauty! (grin) But at 17% BF, I would imagine you’d like to drop about 15 pounds of BF, while preserving LBM.

I have a personal prejudice against dairy. Some people do well with it. Other people seem to have a sub-clinical allergic reaction to milk, result being slowed/inhibited weight loss. Try replacing dairy with another protein source for a month and see if you don’t make some progress.

You have 160 pounds of LBM. You should be getting between 200 and 240g of protein per day in your 6 meals.

My last recommendation is that you keep a food log and record your macronutrients and calories. Weigh, measure and count everything that goes into your mouth. I know how many carb grams I get in a day, along with how many fat and protein grams I get.

I’ve long been of the belief that I have an extremely stubborn metabolism. Maintenance calories is supposed to be roughly 15 x LBM. My “multiple” for maintenance for a very long time was about 12. I always felt deprived and just a little bit sorry for myself.

Anyway, even though I have a plan and weigh and measure, I re-ran my numbers, as far as what I eat. I find that I am losing scale weight and doing a darn good job of preserving LBM at a MULTIPLE OF 15!!! This is information I would not have if I didn’t weigh, measure, count and record.

Weighing, measuring and recording what you eat really allows you to dial in your diet. It’s not about making huge changes in your diet. If a week goes by where you lose no weight, reduce your calories by about 200 or 250 calories per day and see how your body responds.

As a general approach, I keep my protein and fat the same whether I lift weights or not. Carbs are significantly higher on the days I work out and extremely low on days I don’t work out.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Well I was going to post but TT got you covered. Your choices do look excellent, with maybe the exception ov turkey tips, I dont have a clue there.

I would like to second the jog log. They are a VERY valuable tool to tweeking ones diet not only for succesfull cutting but also bulking. You will learn a lot about yourself and how you react to differing diet changes.

Good luck and keep up the fine work,’


Thanks Terry. You make me feel like I have a personal diet guru working for me, for free to top it all off. I will definitely track all my cals and nutrients and will cut the dairy out for a month to see what changes occur. Once again thank you.

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Hey Terry - it seems when I cut out dairy I actually stop making progress as far as fat loss. What might explain that? The leanest I ever was left me around 12% at 252lbs and that was while drinking nearly a gallon of skim milk a day! I have tried the non dairy path recently ( i am up to 17% now sadly) and I have seemed to dwindle in not only strength but muscularity as well. What gives? Is milk really that important to some if they intend to stay strong and retain muscularity?


Thanks for the kind words, eastierock. The reason I post on T-Mag and help out is because everything I know today about designing diets and manipulating caloric intake and macronutrient percentages, I learned off of T-Mag. It’s an awesome resource. Posting is my way of paying back what I’ve been given. I hope you’ll do the same. (wink & grin)

Look forward to hearing how it goes!!!