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Diet/Training Issues Help?

I have had food issues since I was 13 and dropped from 5’5" and 117 to 76 lbs. Since then for the past 6 years, I somehow managed to maintain my weight at 120 and 5’7" and at one point I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and I rarely exercised.

Last year, I began to seriously start to weight train (I’m female) and diet again. Initially I dropped from 130 to 120 but over the summer I decided to quit the high protein diet (1200 calories, 100g carbs, 150 g protein) and begin a healthy diet. I incorporated healthy fats and followed a meal plan from a dietitian but instead of losing weight, I ballooned up to 140.

Recently, I’ve begun the low carb, high protein diet again, along with Lipodrene (ephedra) and 30 mins cardio 5 days a week with alternating weight training days. I have gone down to 130 finally.

But, I’m still not happy and my body must be entirely messed up. I want to be able to eat healthily and work out and still get down to 120. My doctor says the weight gain is because my body is sticking to my genetic disposal (I’m 20 now).

I also have Hypothyroid which makes it almost impossible to lose weight in the first place and I feel I might have affected it worse by starving myself. The main problem I have is, I have horrible side fat or “love handles” that I need help getting rid of.

Basically I’m just asking for help on a good exercise plan that will help keep me lean and any other advice anyone can offer me.

Thanks and sorry for such a long post!