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Diet/Training Help!

Hello Everybody,

I need some of your opinions. I am 5?9? about 200 lbs, I don?t know my body fat % but I am trying to lose 15-20 lbs of pure fat. This is exactly what I had for to eat all day yesterday. Please tell me what you think.

5:00 AM - Wake up. 2 glasses of waters

  • 1 Centrum
  • 1 Beta Carotene (from GNC)
  • 2 Vitamin C capsiles
    6:30 AM - Gym (Day 1 of training program; legs)
  • 20 mins of cardio
  • Squat
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Curls
  • Lunges
    During my workout I had sips of my Biotest Surge. (1 & ? cup)

8:00 AM - The rest of my Biotest Surge

  • Cup of green tea
  • 1 Banana

9:00 AM - 1 apple

  • ? of Low-Carb MRP
  • Cup of green tea

11:30 AM - Lunch (only half)

  • Pork, string beans, mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Water

1:30 PM - Other half of lunch

  • Pork, string beans, mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Water

2:30 PM - ? of Low-Carb MRP

3:00 PM - some grapes

  • Another cup of green tea

6:00 PM - Steak (baked in oven with garlic and salt/pepper)

  • Steamed broccoli
  • Steamed gabbage

7:00 PM - 2 cups of decafinated tea with honey

8:00 PM - Handful of dry raisins

9:00 PM - Sleep

Please tell me what you think. Keep in mind that I?m trying to lose fat. I have a terrible appetite. I feel that I am always hungry that?s why I spread out my meals during the day.

I read the fat fast diet, but I am not sure if I would be able to stick it for a long period of time.


pork? uh, not my first choice of “dieting” food. It does taste good tho… mmmmmm, must dine on swine…
also not a big fan of eating carbs by themselves, even if it is just a hand full of rasins. From 7pm you dont eat any protein, switch the carbs for slow digesting protein (eg cottage cheese or more lean meat).
one more point: green tea post workout? Depending on the caffeine in it , it could be reducing insulin sensitivity.
Have it pre wokout, not post.

I didnt have time right now to go over the whole thing and give suggestions, I will simply give 2 that I noticed right off the bat. Ditch the centrums for a quality multi, (do a search <- for reasons why), and you would be much better off splitting your vit. c into several doses throughout the day. You are simply going to piss out the excess when you take that much @ once.


Ok took a little more time.

First off you need to be eating something befor working out. You are trying to lose 15-20lbs of fat. All you are going to lose is 15-20lbs of LBM by lifting in a fasted state.

Second I have to agree with everything Whetu said. Pork is not # 1 but O.k. try for some variety, chicken, fish, etc…

Also ditch the grapes and raisins late in the day and have some protein. Have your fruits earlier along with some protein in after you lift.

Just a few thoughts.

The biggest thing is that fasted state you are in. You arent eating anything worthwhile after your steak, so you are going over 12hrs and then lifting. NOT GOOD!!!


Oh and the reason you are always hungry is because you arent eating anything. Ditch all the MRP’s and get in some type of meat with fat. It will stay with you longer. As well as some green veggies. (fiber very filling) replace your grapes and raisins with something like that. Fat, meat, and fiberous veggies will take longer top digest and keep you satisfied.

As far as following Fat fast. You would be better off on that extreme diet, if you followed it as laid out, then you are on your current plan.


can I jump in and offer you to lose the Centrum . It is a very poor quality vitamin and you would better with something with a little more natural umph IE life essentials mulity (which can be found any your nearest vitamin shoppe)also stay away from one-a-days.


Thank you very much for your help gentlemen. Your insight is very helpful.

However I decided to try the Fat Fast Diet for 2 weeks. I have read the articles from T-Mag, but I do have a couple of more questions. Can I train in the morning with this diet? If not, when will be the right time? Can I still take my Biotest surge and my MRP?
Has anybody ever done it? Do you get any hungry spands? Any suggestions/help??