Diet + Training Burning Me Out!

Anyone else getting that, “God damnit I been doing this shit so hard for so long I just wanna sleep for a week!” kind of feeling? lol

Started at like 215 about 2~ months ago, last month I haven’t had any alcohol and have been eating ~3000 kcals a day and now I weigh ~198.

My routine is (on no specific day of the week) Legs, Abs/cardio, Chest/Back, Shoulders/Arms, Abs/Cardio Rinse wash and repeat.

Try to do 30min on the stairmaster (rotating steps) at 100 steps/min which has me throwing sweat all over the place from minute 10 onward, been taking ECA stack only during workouts for at least the last two months, maybe longer. And average caffeine intake is like 500-700 mg/day?

I’m stoked I’m starting to get a peak at my lower abs, but I’m probably a good 10lbs+ away from being under 10% bf. I’m also happy being as lean as I am this far from the sunny days, usually I’m just starting my diets this time of year so I’ve got a real nice head start.

Anyways, this is mostly me talking about myself and what I’m doing and no one else in my life really understanding how hard I work every day to do what I do, nor do they understand why I’d want to be under 10% bf, etc. So figured I’d share. I’m a little tired, maybe I should take a day or two off, and I know at least one person will tell me to give ECA a rest for a bit, maybe even caffeine in general.

Thanks for reading.


I started dropping weight on 2/26 weighing in at an all-time high of 241 lbs. as of 3/18 I was at 220 lbs. I got the burnout feeling a few days before that. Now my body is stalling and refusing to drop more weight. All I need is to be around 210-214 and I can get my military contract. I’ve been taking a fat burner as well since I began but am wondering if I should cycle it instead? I’ve been doing sled dragging, running in sand, treadmill runs, crossfit/kettlebell workouts, circuit training and started using the sauna.