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Diet/Training Advice?

First of all, hi to all you guys. Been reading this site for a while and I find it quite helpful.
Second, I’ve been fooling around in gym for a few years now… with emphasis on fooling. Only recently have I begun to put all the pieces of the puzzle together (training, nutriotion, rest).
My stats are: 180cm, 82kg, unknown body fat%:frowning:
Anyway, I’m still afraid I’m doing something wrong as I don’t see that much gain in muscle but a lot in the size of gut(in the morning it’s flat, but as I feed myself over the day, it’s sticking out more and more and more and MORE) I think I’m doing something wrong in all of the three pieces.
Been going (ot ar least wanting to) seriously for about 3 months. Since I have no problems getting obssessive with things I think my diet is pretty good nutritionally speaking. No junk food, no cheat meals. But I’m afraid I’m overdoing it… let’s say. Today:
1 banana, 1 apple, 8 egg whites
280g tuna, 200g wholewheat bread
280g tuna, 100g brown rice
500g(this varies) turkey breast
280g tuna

Post workout I do 8more egg whites + 100g cornflakes (+did 2 bananas before… dammit)

When I first started it I ate around 8 meals a day, meal every 2 or less hours, but I felt and looked like I was 9 months pregnant… not that I look much different now, but I’m feeling better kinda.
Also trying that carb-cycling thing.
Aiming for 270plus grams of protein, 225g of carbs (kinda cycled that’s 280 on high days 170 on low days) and around 60g of fat.
Today I DID got it wrong I think, but most of the days I’m right on…

I intensified my traning recently, so now I’m doing 4 sets 6 reps TUT around 3X1 with 30seconds rest in between sets (to get the heart pumping) almost to failure (last rep is damn hard to pull out). Yeah, I’m finished with my training quite quickly.
Doing 3 day split, 4 days a week(WHAT?? you’re saying?):
Day 1:
Chest + triceps
Flat Bench, SkullCrushers, Cable pushdowns (no incline cause my shoulder’s fucked…)
Back + biceps
Curls, Preacher, Pull up(3 sets 4 reps, TUT 3X1), Front pulldown, Barbell Bent-Over Rows
Leg + shoulders
Now here stuff gets complicated… my right shoulder hurts, so I basically ceased to do any shoulder exercises… except for the shrugs, but that’s not really shoulders… and my right knee hurts (chondromalatia…) so no squats, or lunges, or anything that requires to flex the leg under tension
anyway, on to legs:
Some kind of single straight leg raises (Lie flat on a bench, 1 foot on the floor, 1 leg straight out that lifts the weight), standing calf raises, good mornings.

Day1, Day2, Rest, Rest, Day3, Day1, Rest(gym doesn’t work on sunday…), Day2, Rest, Rest, Day3…

Now, the question.
My long term goal is to get stronger… yeah… and to get rid of the gut. I don’t mind having a bit of flabby stuff on me, but I do mind when it’s sticking out like I just swallowed a basketball. Is this something that everyone has to deal with when they start eating like this?
soooo… am I eating too much? Is my training intense enough? Also I don’t get much sleep on some days… like, 4 or 5 hours… could that be hampering my progress? I don’t have a food or exercise log… should I start writing one?
Just to mention… I’d rather go without any kind of supplements in the beggining… you know… get to know my body… is that ok?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Flec,

Let’s see…that’s a boatload of info you gave us. It’s cool though, saves us the time of asking for it later. :wink:

So, let’s dive in:

My first thought is, dude, your shoulder’s screwed up and your knee is screwed. How’s about getting those fixed, huh? I don’t know if you’ve seen any physical therapists, but it would be a very good idea. No point in getting totally shredded and built up all diesel to attract chicks, if you can’t pick them up, toss them on the bed and pounce like a jaguar.

Now, remember that I’m not a therapist and don’t know exactly what the problematic issue is, so this is all just a suggestion. If, for some reason, you can’t get to a PT in real-life, your best bet would probably be to check out the 5-part Neanderthal No More Series by Coaches Robertson and Cressey, it’s a small novel to read, but I’m sure it’s very applicable:


Your plan seems fine for now. Looks like you’re getting a bunch of protein, and I like the carb cycling concept. But what you described, about your gut getting bigger and bigger as the day goes on, leaves me wondering if maybe you have some underlying food allergies. Sometimes bloating can be a sign that your body isn’t very happy with what you’re putting in it.

2 things do stand out, though. No (or very few) fruits and veggies. And very low fat. Fruits and veggies are critical for getting all sorts of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber…tons of fun stuff. And having too little dietary fat can be just as bad as too much.

Just to give you more reading material, (oh yeah, and because it’s also going to be helpful), I’ll suggest reading through Dr. Berardi’s Tailor-Made Nutrition articles. It’s ‘only’ a 3-parter. :slight_smile:


Well, that should tide you over for a bit. Definitely let us know anything else you’re wondering about. Good luck.

You do realize that you eat the equivalent of 6 cans of tuna a day???!?!? I think you need some variety and need to eat much more veggies and fruits as was mentionned. So you want to get stronger? I have trouble finding what your goal is. I would ingest P+C meals after your workout. John Berardi has some better meal examples for you, that balance out P+F and P+C meals and when to eat them. I dont think your nutrition plan is in check. More fats needed as was said.

Aw dammit. Just wrote a kilometer post and hit backspace. Dang.

Anyway, short version here.

Didn’t eat fruit and veggies since age 5. Started fruit recently, because everyone says fruit good. So be it. Fruit be my carbs source (read: Fruit all day long). That feels strange (fruit yummy, therefore bad-logic), read somewhere fruit will make you fat, I cut it down.
QUESTION: This true? I can eat a ton of fruit but how much is too much?

Read Berardi. Will start eat veggies tommorow (too late now for experimenting). What veggies? Can I eat any or are there some specific BB-style vegetables? Spinnach and carrot caught my attention (Popeye eats the former, so it must be good). I get all my carbs from veggies? Cool.

Yes, I do realize I eat 6 cans of tuna a day. Tuna RULES!!1
Cutting it down :slight_smile:
Concerning the goals, short term goals are first and foremost to get my diet and training in order. I don’t have any specific goals like “incerase my bench press by 20pounds” or “do 50 pullups in a row”, not yet, first I want to get the basics done then move to the “advanced” stuff. If I DO incerase the bench press, all the better.

So, short term goal is kinda oriented toward the long term goal of (ah, the universal) getting stronger and with a smaller gut. And healthier, yeah, healthier. Hehe.
Concerning the fats, I got it from the TC(or is it CT… well anyway)'s carb cycling…?
Anyway, incerasing it. It does not feel right when someone says it’s TOO LOW, really :slight_smile:

Sorry for the constant questions, but there’s a lot of conflicting information and myths and everything, and that’s downright confusing.

First I’m supposed to use high reps for fat loss, then I’m supposed to use low reps high intensity for weight loss, then I’m supposed to eat fats, then I’m not, then carbs are bad, then they are good, then protein will make me fall apart… of course in these few years I got some almost-basic education so I’m able to distinguish between the just-plain-stupid and could-be-correct stuff, but just that’s not enough, so I’m saving myself the frustration (and saving my eyes! Computer screens are evil.) of constant what the-ing and unnecessary experimentation.

Thanks again :slight_smile: