Diet / Training Advice for Recent Ranger School Grad


I recently graduated from Ranger School and I’m having some “issues” reintegrating into normal life. First, a quick background about the school; Soldiers spend about 62 days (or much longer, if you’re doing it right) undergoing sleep / food deprivation while conducting exceedingly basic military tasks, like walking from Point A to Point B while falling into thorn bushes, spooning with other Soldiers to stay warm, etc.

Essentially, my metabolism is shot, flexibility / mobility is out the window, and I imagine my testosterone levels are a little low at the moment. I’m looking for some pointers on diet and exercise with this situation in mind.

As for diet, I’ve read “The Eat As Much As You Want Diet” and am definitely willing to put some of those principles into practice (if I could ever find organ meat…). I dropped 30 lbs from January to March and, in about 3 weeks, gained it all back. I’ve only rarely actually felt “full” and I continuously stuff my face, usually with junk food, but also with fruits and vegetables just as indiscriminately. So I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has a diet plan based on nutrient dense / anti-“toxic hunger” concept. It’s a little tough to juggle some of these new diet concepts, especially considering recent advances in the food industry (did you know that Reese’s and Oreo teamed up for what I can only describe as a culinary masterpiece?).

And regarding a training program, I’m hesitant to jump back into some of my previous training programs for two reasons. One, I have noticeably lost some mobility (my hips seem constantly tight and I tweaked my back last week during fairly light deadlifts) and two, Dr. Jade Teta’s article about metabolic damage has me a little worried, especially with lines like “…back on track in 3 to 15 months.” I’m currently just working core lifts with some conditioning, but I plan to eventually move to a complex heavy Olympic lifting program (like in Wil Fleming’s “Olympic Lifting Made Simple”) while also adding some sprint work and middle distance running.

Again, my main goal is to not be a fatty and stay in good “Army shape”. As long as I can max my PT test, run an 8 minute mile pace for 5 - 10 miles, and stay in “Regular / Long” ACU pants, I’m good. I’d like to eventually get into strongman type competitions, but that’s for a different post.

Sorry for the longish post, but thanks for reading and thanks for any insight.

As far as metabolism goes, I use Teta’s Eat more, exercise more/eat less exercise less concept. Essentially, you spend 2-3 weeks doing your work out (maybe up the volume a bit or add an extra lift), along w/ conditioning a couple times a week, eating a bit more liberally (carbs for me). Then you do 2-3 weeks doing your workout and cutting back on the conditioning.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain your conditioning. Getting there is the hard part.

As for how to avoid oreos and reeces, but eat the good stuff… the DJ article you mentioned is a good starting point. Just make sure you get your protein. That should fill you up enough to help avoid most of the crap out there.

also load up on good fats an check out some of john rusin’s articles for mobility…