Diet Tracker App for Micros

I am looking for an app that will track all the micros within my macros. Something like Myfitnesspal where you have the convenience of barcode scanning as well as a database of other logged info, plus the ability to create your own for recipes, etc.

I haven’t found anything like this. It looks like theres not enough interest in micros from the public for the app developers to update the software to include this.

I would pay a little for this too, preferable a one time fixed cost not a subscription fee.

Anybody know of one?

cronometer does that.

Is that what you use? Are there any drawbacks, like does it not do anything that Myfitnesspal does or?

THank you for the response btw

I think half the challenge is that micro nutrients are tracked by each product. Tyoically, only products from health food stores display the micro nutrients.

There was a decent website i had to use in college for a class that tracked micro nutrients… I think it had pyramid in the name. It was a decade ago, so don’t remember.

Draw back would be that there is no bar code reading for the app. Also, as mentioned packaged/processed food does not list micros that is only a thing for natural /“real” foods.