Diet to Reduce Cholesterol

hey guys my mom has high cholesteral and i need a diet for her that would help lower it. can someone please help me with this plesae and give me a sample diet. shes 37 years old, around 180 pounds and height is around 5 "6-5"7 not sure. please someone help me with a diet that will help lower it

Simple have her follow the Seven habits article a goosd diet of good real non processed foods lots of veggies fruits (fiber), good fats, and protein sources. Couple this with training activity and smart supplementation including fish oils and she’ll be well on hre way.

You do need to remember that your Cho levels are only about 20% effected by intake the rest is from your bodies natural production, training etc can effect this


Soluble fiber (oats, beans, fruit) lowers LDL levels.

Aerobic exercise, when performed consistently, raises HDL levels.

And plenty of fish oil, of course.

can anyone please just come up with a sample diet cuz i really need it quick. please

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
can anyone please just come up with a sample diet cuz i really need it quick. please[/quote]

Ok bro step back take a breath

It AWESOME you want to help your mom I commend you but its taken years of bad habits to bring her cho levels where they are and will take time and CHANGE to fix them. She’ll have to change and do it herself largely.

are you and she going to com,e here everyday for what shes to eat the next day?? I hope not.

Take the advice weve given and start making changes she will adopt and stick to start at adding a walk a day 2 -3 sessions of resistance training a week slowly clean up the diet add fish oils etc.

For a general meal plan. Pick a good protein source. pick a veggie, pick a fruit. there ya go have that 5-6 times a day including her snacks. base the meals this simple littler plan make then WHOLE non processed foods add in good fats from olive oil, nuts etc and in time with the other change she will slowly have better levels


If you’re desperate, pick up the book protein power, and have her follow the advice there along with the 7 habits.

It’s an excellent book in my opinion, and the diet described there was in part designed by the authors (M.D’s) to lower cholesterol dramatically in just a few weeks.

this is what i came up with for my mom. how does it look? i just came up with it in like 5 mins. any changes need to be made according to her size? i just dont want it to be something thats gonna screw her up

Meal 1

-1 packet oatmeal (regular)
-4 egg whites
-green apple
-half a spoon organic peanut butter

Meal 2

-Protein Shake 1 scoop (nonfat milk)
-10 almonds

Meal 3

-4 chicken breasts

Meal 4


Meal 5


Meal 6

-fish oil

It IMO is prob MUCH better than what she does now thats good. I would warn you to take steps make small changes most ppl crash and burn when they try and go to the opposite extreme. There are a few things one could nit pick like adding protein to meal 6 etc but honestly its very solid.

I wouldnt count any calories etc at this point or even make a concrete meal plan. just have her pick all healthy food aim to nail the seven habits roughly and in time she will make this habit and it will feel natural and yes her cho and general health will improve


If you have to ask whether a diet your wrote will do the job, you have NO BUSINESS writing diets for anyone. It is very challenging to do properly, and it is and very serious business. You don’t really understand what you are doing.

If your mom is 37, then even if she started really young, you not older than 20. Judging by your handle, you are in the HIGH SCHOOl class of 2008. What’s that make you - 16 or 17? Why do you think your mom will listen to you?

Does your mom want to make changes? If she doesn’t want to make changes, no diet will work for her: she won’t follow it.

As others have said, have her follow the “7 Habits” article. That is a very mainstream article. There’s nothing goofy about it.

If your mom will not print out the article and read it, then she does not want to change. This is something you will have to learn to deal with.

Many people on this board have family members who are literally eating themselves to death. You can’t change a person. The person has to decide they want to change. Only once the person has DECIDED to change will any eating plan help them.

I agree that your mom has to decide to make the change for herself and if she’s asked you for a diet she’s at least considering it.

Regardless of your age, I don’t think it’s unfair for you to give nutritional recommendations if you’ve got more knowledge than her in this area.

As a general rule, if you try to get her eating the same thing every day she’s eventually going to fail. The seven habits is a great idea, but it’s sometimes too much at once for a beginner.

She isn’t going to drop tomorrow so don’t rush the change. I’d start her with the first four rules and build from there.

  1. Eat every 2-3 hours.
  2. Eat protein at each feeding (you might consider letting her have yogurt and stuff at this phase too).
  3. Eat a vegetable and/or a fruit with each feeding. Focus on things like spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, etc.

Instead of potatoes suggest yams, sweet potatoes, or brown rice.

  1. Take fish oils. Ideally you’d do this through the day. I sometimes have clients start with 1tbsp of liquid fish oil (a good mild tasting brand) with breakfast only.

As far as exercise, ask her to start walking twice per week for half and hour. Do this for a month. The actual habit she develops is more imporant than rapid results that she’ll lose of she takes on too much and quits.

Once she does this maybe add a third day for a month and let her know that the following month she’ll need to start training. After establishing these simple habits the transition will be easier and more permanent.

As was said, make sure she gets plenty of fiber. Kidney beans are great for this. Sometimes I have people use Fiber 1 cereal too.