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Diet to Put on 15 Pounds of Mass

I’ve been researching and reading as much as I can regarding the type of diet I would like to pursue. I am trying to put on about 10-15 LBS of mass and gain as much strength as I possibly can. I am currently enrolled in Fire Academy so I would like to gain more size from my current stature to help with the everyday events I may encounter.

I am currently 22 years old and feel I am in pretty decent shape and workout very hard, but my diet lacks, badly. Due to my busy schedule, it’s hard for me to find time to sit down and eat a good meal. Once I can get this sorted out, I feel this is my biggest problem and I will see the gains I eventually would like to see.

Another problem I have is, I am sort of a picky eater I guess you could say. I have no problems with Proteins or fruits and such, but there isn’t many veggies I do enjoy eating other than Potatoes.

I wanted to know if you guys would be able to help me get started in setting up a diet plan that I would be able to follow. I did some research and I know my BMR is 1844 and my DEE is about 3000 Calories. For me to gain the size that I want, I would need to eat between 3300-3600 Calories a day combined with 200-240 grams of Protein.

Currently, the only supplements I take are Whey Isolate PWO, BCAA during work out and creatine before. The BCAA and Creatine brand is Controlled Labs.

  • I was also wondering if I should switch my BCAA intake to Biotest Caps instead of drinking during and just take the caps through out the day.

  • Would I be ok if I was to purchase Poliquin Primal Greens and use that as the nutrients that I am not currently getting from the veggies I am not eating. Is that a sufficient case or should I try another alternative?

  • What types of Oils should I be looking to take throughout the day? Would a standard processed Fish Oil be fine?

  • Nuts, which are the best to eat during the days for small meals/snacks.

Sorry for the array of questions, I am fairly new and would like to get this straightened out. No point in working my butt off in the gym when I just go the other way when I eat like crap.


Diet over supplements.

You need the foundations!

Check out the “Nutrition for Newbies” two part series by CT on this site.

[quote]benmoore wrote:
Diet over supplements.

You need the foundations!

Check out the “Nutrition for Newbies” two part series by CT on this site.[/quote]

I did happen to read the Article by CT earlier this morning, it gave me some useful information to try to get started. My hardest part is going to be breaking down the guide on what to eat and servings, time for more research I guess!