Diet to match training

Hi there guys (and girls)

I’m new to the t-mag forums, but have been training for about 8 years.

After reading the transformation of CT on this site, I’ve decided to try the anabolic diet, coupled with OVT training. My goal is to compete in a bbing comp in september, at about 185lbs. My current weight is 190lbs, but my bf is 12%. Therefore I need to gain a considerable amount of muscle before I diet off the fat.

My plan is to go onto the anabolic diet next week at maintenance cals for a month, and then try to gain some serious mass. Has anyone had any success gaining a lot of muscle over a short time (like 3 months?) on the AB diet? I’ll be doing all this naturally btw.

PS - can anyone point me to a good recipe site for the low carb meals?

Sorry for the lack of details, am pushed for time today.