Diet to Lose Over 35 Pounds

I read the Denmark post already and read over and over again that withou those specifics supplements we cant get on, but I do want to give it a try. Im from brazil and I have a 60%+ tax in imported good that goes over US$50, so I cant really afford it (since 1 dollar is actually 2,50 reais- our currency-)
Ive found some micellar products and I really would enjoy your help, even though I wouldnt be able to call it ~the original V-Diet~ i really really wanna try it.

I have 1.71 meters and about 90kg
Ranging from 23-26% bf
And wanting to lose over 35lbs
Will be supplementing with BCAA (4x 3 tablets daily), Creatine (3-5gr daily post workout)

So please (really please! =) ) could you just give your opnion in the products that I have avaible?I`ll give only Brazillian Industries options (well known, and trusted quality) so it will not be a competiting industry with Biotest.

instead of Metabolic Drive →
Micellar Casein 7 Protein - (900gr) - Milly
Milk protein(hidrolised and isolated)
Micellar Casein

Unfortunately no Surge like supplements here, instead, since I lunch after training, I was thinking into putting 30g of maltodextrin into my shake, what do you think about that?

I really am a mind seted guy, that can eat the same thing with the same flavor (trust me, i won a promotion and drunk for 1yr the same whey protien flavor, vanilla,3 times a week). I know is differente, but i`m trying to make a point =D.Help.Please.

I swear I wont call it V-Diet if you don`t want to, but i really think these diet will “reset” my brain making me more likely to eat more properly.

Thanks in advance.
any help is welcome.