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Diet to Help Me Lose 9 Pounds!

Alright, so it is sports season (or atleast for me). Problem is, I need to be down to 145.

Here is what I am at:
5’ 10"
154 lbs
13% Bf

I would like to lose the fat WITHOUT losing muscle or becoming weaker (I CAN NOT afford to get weaker) and starving my self (fuckin’ lame dood). Is there anyway this can be done by…January 14th?

I do not eat shit period. I drink all water, milk, and grapejuice for creatine (oh yeah, and whey with skim milk after my workout).I do not eat fast food/chocolate/cookies/pastries/ice cream/candy/wings/ pizza/burgers/fries/hotdogs/non whole wheat bread nor do I drink.

low carb diet. manipulate calories as needed.

I take it you need to make a weight class.
For starters, drop the milk, grapefruit juice and creatine. Use water for your protein shakes.

I went on a diet 2 weeks ago and since have lost 11 lbs, and I’m looking better than ever before.

Just low-carb it, you know how it’s done.

OH NICE - I’m in the “800 club.” Maybe I should get a tshirt like those fools who buy “300 club” shirts when they finally reach a 300lb bench? lol

low carb yes…but make sure you have proper pre, during, and post workout nutrition, involving good carbs (dextrose + multidextrin is what i hear the most)

i would also drop the calorie drinks. use the calories for more nutritionally dense food.

carb cycle too. although you dont eat crap - remember your body will only lean up to a certain point, at which it thinks it is starving and will hold onto remaining fat.

therefore carb up and have whatever crap you will eat every 7th or 10th day.

the way i do it is to be in a slight calorie deficit most days of the week, then go about a 1000 over on my reload day which averages me out to matainance.
This helps me lose fat through the week whilst keeping leptin levels high and my metabolism going.