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Diet to Get Under 10% Bodyfat

current eating schedule

eggs, oatmeal water

protein shake, no carbs

2 tacos, mash pottatoes, water

meat, and alot of carbs

9:00 small snack

question: why is that when i eat very little food in a day my vascularity goes down


Muscle glycogen gets depleted.


ok because i am way more vascular before 3 hours basketball practice, after i have nearly no vascularity


What's the point of this diet? What i mean is what do you want your body to do with a protein/carb diet with huge restrictions on fat intake?


Not to be critical but the choice of foods in your diet doesn't look ideal for getting low levels of body fat.

But we have no clue what you're eating really from your description. Unless we know amounts and what type of "alot of carbs" you're getting there is no way to know what your diet really is.

Are you under 10 percent? Or are you trying to get under 10 percent? What is this post about?


im like 15ish trying to lose 5%.


Also, what is your height, weight, and age, and what do your workouts look like? No one will be able to help you without more information. Your diet doesn't look that great, but as risian pointed out, we really don't know what you're eating.


never mind, found it


You are severely underrating even for a diet. And the way you have carbs spaced out is pretty arbitrary...


Also, based on your age, size, and you lifts, you should probably just focus on getting bigger and stronger. A 600lb deadlift is awesome for anyone, but you are still growing, and have a lot of potential for gains. If I were you, I'd take advantage of the next 3-4 years to get as big and strong as humanly possible. Just from looking at your RMP post, it's pretty obvious that you haven't finished filling out, so don't shot yourself in the foot by trying to get super lean right now.


when I eat a lot I feel heavy running at practice. I understand what you mean, since I went 215 to 290 after basketball last year, now I am only down to 240 this year not 215, so out of the 75lbs I gained over the spring and summer, I kept about 25lbs pure muscle. In the summer i go apeshit and dont stop eating.


bump i eat some lickorish lol ooops